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Basic Electricity
AC and DC Circuits

MITRC Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

1. What is the unit of reluctance
a. maxwell
b. gauss
c. aster
d. At/weber

2. If the circuit admittance of a circuit is Y=0.3+j0.8, then the circuit is

a. Purely inductive
b. inductive
c. Purely capacitive
d. capacitive

3. The defining constant of a dependent current-controlled voltage source is ___

a. transfer resistance
b. voltage gain
c. transfer conductance
d. current gain

4. What is residual magnetism?

a. Flux density when magnetic core is saturated
b. External magnetic field when the current is flowing through the exciting coil
c. Flux density which exist in the iron core when the magnetic field intensity is reduced to
d. Flux density in the iron core when the magnetic field intensity is at the maximum value

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

5. The voltage across a short-circuited branch is ___
a. minimum
b. Maximum
c. zero
d. infinite

6. Refers to the lowest voltage across any insulator that can cause current to flow
a. Voltage flow
b. Voltage drop
c. Conduction voltage
d. Breakdown voltage

7. In a parallel circuit with unequal resistances

a. the highest resistance takes the highest current
b. the lowest resistance takes the highest current
c. the lowest resistance has the highest voltage
d. the highest resistance has the highest voltage

8. A four-by-four, series-parallel matrix of resistors, with each resistor having the same
ohmic value, would have a net resistance of
a. one-fourth the value of a single resistor
b. four times the value of a single resistor
c. the same value as a single resistor
d. eigth times the value of a single resistor

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

9. What do you call the flux that does not follow the intended path in a magnetic circuit?
a. Lost flux
b. Wandering flux
c. Leakage flux
d. Leakage factor

10. When you demagnetize properly by applying an AC field and gradually reduced it to
zero is called
a. damping
b. decaying
c. gaussing
d. degaussing

11. If the sinusoidal voltage is ginven by the v(t) = 25sin(314 –pi/2) and i(t) = 2..5 sin(314t +
pi/2), the current and voltage are
a. out of phase by 180.
b. in phase
c. in phase by 180
d. out of phase by 90.

12. Admittance in an AC circuit is equivalent to the reciprocal of the

a. resistance
b. Impedance
c. reluctance
d. reactance

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

13 A network has 9 branches and 5 independent loops. How many nodes are there in the
network if the supply voltage is 10 volts from three distributed source
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 10

14. Three resistors (30 ohms, 60 ohms, and 10 ohms) are connected in delta. What would
be the equivalent resistances if the three resistors were to be connected in wye?
a. 30, 60, 10 ohms
b. 18, 6, 3 ohms
c. 3.33, 4.44, 6.66 ohms
d. 90, 45, 270 ohms

15. The hot resistance of an incandescent lamp is 10 ohms and the rated voltage is 50 V.
Find the series resistance required to operate the lamp from an 80 V supply.
a. 10 ohms
b. 6.25 ohms
c. 6 ohms
d. 16 ohms

16 In order to have a good conductor material such material shall have_______valence

a. 1
b. 2
c. 4
d. 8
Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA
17. If a sinusoidal voltage is given by v(t) = 10sin 314t, what is the frequency of the current in Hz?
a. 40 Hz
b. 70 Hz
c. 314 Hz
d. 50 Hz

18. Two point charges Q1=50 microcoulombs and Q2=10 microcoulombs are located at (-1,1,3) and
(3,1,0) meters respecticvely. Find the magnitude of force on Q1.
a. 4.9 N
b. 0.002 N
c. 3.27 N
d. 0.45 N

19. The resistive component of a voltage divider used for load voltage regulation is called ___
a. series dropping resistor
b. bias resistor
c. bleeder resistor
d. bypass resistor

20. On what condition would a practical voltage source approximate the ideal source?
a. its internal resistance is zero
b. its internal resistance is infinite
c. its terminal voltage is variable
d. the current drawn from it is constant

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

21. A variable resistive load is connected to a 6 V DC source whose internal resistance is
0.5 ohm. What maximum power may be possibly delivered to this load?
a. 9 W
b. 18 W
c. 36 W
d. 72 W

22. The superposition theorem is essentially based on the principle of ___

a. linearity
b. Duality
c. reciprocity
d. non-linearity

23. There are no transients in pure resistive circuits because they ___
a. offer high resistance
b. obey Ohm’s law
c. are linear circuits
d. have no stored energy

24. Which of the following quantities does not affect the capacitance of a capacitor?
a. plate area
b. plate thickness
c. plate separation
d. material between the plates

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

25. The transient current in a loss-free LC circuit when excited from a DC source is ___
a. under-damped
b. critically damped
c. over-damped
d. un-damped

26. Why are inductance and capacitance not relevant in a DC circuit?

a. It is a simple circuit. .
b. DC circuits require only resistance as load.
c. They do not exist in a DC circuit
d. Frequency of DC is zero.

27. The transient current in a low-loss series RLC circuit when excited from a DC source
is ___
a. under-damped
b. critically damped
c. over-damped
d. un-damped

28. In a series RLC circuit, setting R = 0 will produce

a. an overdamped response
b. a critically damped response
c. an underdamped response
d. an undamped response

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

29. In a series RL circuit connected to a DC source, which of the following is zero at the beginning of
the transient state?
a. voltage drop across R
b. source voltage
c. inductor voltage
d. none of these

30. The initial rate of rise in current through a coil with an inductance of 5 H when suddenly connected
to a 100 V DC source is ___ A/s.
a. 0.05
b. 20
c. 50
d. 500

31. A 12 V DC source is suddenly applied to an inductive coil whose resistance and inductance are 10
and 20 mH, respectively. Approximately how long will it take before the current through the coil
settles to its final value?
a. 2 ms
b. 10 ms
c. 20 ms
d. infinite time

32. Which of the following statements determine the magnetic field strength around a conductor?
a. Amount of current
b. Diameter of the conductor
c. Ratio of the current to the resistance
d. Type of the material

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

33. What is the physical combination of compounds or elements not chemically combined that can be
separated by physical means?
a. atom
b. mixture
c. molecule
d. substance

34. A 6-H coil whose resistance is 12 ohms is connected in series with a 24-ohm resistor to a 144 V
battery and a switch. The switch is closed at t = 0. Determine the energy stored in the magnetic
field at steady state.
a. 46 J
b. 48 J
c. 50 J
d. 52 J

35. Two series connected 7 H inductors are adjacent to each other. Their coefficient of coupling is 0.64.
What is the value of the mutual inductance?
a. 14 H
b. 4.48 H
c. 18.48 H
d. 9.52 H

36. If a magnetic flux cuts across 200 turns at a rate of 2 Wb/s, the induced voltage according to
Faraday’s law is about ___
a. 100 V
b. 200 V
c. 400 V
d. 600 V

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

37. A capacitor in an RC circuit with R = 2 ohms and C = 4 F is being charged. The time
required for the capacitor voltage to reach 63.2 % of its steady-state value is
a. 2 s
b. 4 s
c. 8 s
d. 16 s

38. The energy stored in a coil is doubled when the current through it is increased by ___
a. 41.4
b. 50
c. 70.7
d. 141.4

39. If an electronic resistor does not have the fourth color strip, it means it has a tolerance
of __________.
a. 1 %
b. 0 %
c. 15 %
d. 20 %

40. If the current through a 10 mH inductor increases from zero to 2 A, how much energy
is stored in the inductor?
a. 5 mJ
b. 10 mJ
c. 20 mJ
d. 40 mJ
Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA
41. A parallel plate capacitor has the following values k=81,d=0.025 in and A= 6 square inches. What is
the capacitance of the capacitor?
a. 2250 pF
b. 2323 pF
c. 4370 pF
d. 370 pF

42. If the sinusoidal voltage is given by v(t)=10sin257t, the time it takes to complete one cycle is
a. 0.048
b. 0.024
c. 0.042
d. 0.084

43. Which of the following combination of length and cross-sectional area will give a certain volume of
copper the least resistance?
a. 2 L and ½ A
b. Does not matter since the volume remains the same
c. L and A
d. ½ L and 2 A

44. Dielectric material are sometimes called

a. conductor
b. insulator
c.Special material
d. semiconductor

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

45. A very high resistance connected in parallel with smoothing capacitors in a high
voltage DC system
a. shunt
b. bleeder
c. dropping
d. coupling

46. It is the specific gravity of good lead acid cell

a. 1270
b. 1170
c. 1070
d. 1370

47. Two bulbs with similar voltage rating of 75 Watts and 50 Watts power respectively are
connected across 230 Volts source. What will happen to the bulbs
a. 2 bulbs lights on
b. 1 bulb lights on and the other 1 is dimmer
c. 2 bulbs will not light
d. 1 bulb will explode

48. “Any resistance R in a branch of a network in which a current I is flowing can be

replaced by a voltage equal to IR.” This refers to___
a. the compensation theorem
b. the reciprocity theorem
c. Millman’s theorem
d. the superposition theorem
Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA
49. Find the thevenin’s impedance equivalent across R2 of a linear close circuit having 10
volts supply in series with two resistors(R1= 50 ohms and R2= 200 ohms)
a. 250 ohms
b. 40 ohms
c. 200 ohms
d. 160 ohms

50. If the total power is 100 VA and the real power is 92 W, the reactive power is equal to
a. 39 W
b. 39 VA
c. 39 Vars
d. all of these

51. ___ increases effectively the resistance of a wire at high frequencies.

a. temperature
b. Voltage
c. skin effect
d. insulation

52. What is the value of Z in a series AC circuit where XL = 6 ohms, Xc = 3 ohms and R = 4
a. 5 ohms
b. 3.5 ohms
c. 7 ohms
d. 13 ohms
Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA
53. What theorem is usually used in the analysis of transistor circuits?
a. superposition theorem
b. Millman’s theorem
c. Thevenin’s theorem
d. Norton’s theorem

54. In a resistive circuit, the phase angle of the equivalent impedance is ___
a. Increasing
b. Decreasing
c. 0
d. 90

55. Capacitive reactance is ___

a. Positive and real valued
b. Negative and real valued
c. Positive and imaginary
d. Negative and imaginary

56. The quadrature component of the equivalent impedance of an RLC circuit is called ___
a. Resistance
b. Reactance
c. Susceptance
d. Conductance

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

57. The inductive susceptance of a circuit is ___ frequency.
a. Independent of
b. Inversely proportional to
c. Directly proportional to
d. Equal to

58. In an inductive circuit, the source current ___.

a. Leads the applied voltage
b. Lags the applied voltage
c. Is in phase with the applied voltage
d. None of these

59. If the combination of an ac voltage and dc voltage has an instantaneous voltage that
varies through a range from -2 volts and 10 volts. What is the peak ac voltage of the
a. 8 volts
b. 10 volts
c. 4 volts
d. 12 volts

60. A series circuit in which desired portions of the source voltage may be tapped off for
use equipment.
a. Voltage trap
b. Voltage divider
c. Voltage selector
d. Dividing network
Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA
61. In a capacitive circuit, the source current ___.
a. Leads the applied voltage
b. Lags the applied voltage
c. Is in phase with the applied voltage
d. Is zero when the voltage across it is dc

62. If a sine wave voltage has a peak of 200 V, how much is the instant voltage at 90
a. 100 volts
b. 200 volts
c. 0 volts
d. -200 volts

63. What should be the capacitance of a capacitor, in series with a 250- resistor, that will
limit the current to 1.2 A when the circuit is connected to a 600 V, 60 Hz AC source?
a. 4.33 F
b. 2.5 F
c. 6.126 F
d. 5 F

64. The __________the Q of the circuit, the narrower is the bandwidth

a. higher
b. lower
c. broader
d. selective

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

65. _____________is a rotating sector representing either current or voltage in an AC circuit
a. resistance
b. argand plane
c. diagram
d. phasor

66. The impedance in the study of electronics is represented by resistance and _______
a. capacitance
b. inductance
c. reactance
d. Inductance and capacitance

67. The effect that describes the ability of a mechanically ctressed ferromagnetic wire to recognized
rapid switching of magnetization when subjected to a DC magnetic field.
a. Wall effect
b. Hall effect
c. Special effect
d. Wiegand effect

68. ___________is another term for the quality factor of a resonant circuit
a. White noise
b. Noise figure
c. Noise factor
d. Figure of merit

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

69. A capacitance In a series RC circuit, the capacitor voltage is equal to the source voltage at what
a. Zero Hz
b. Infinite Hz
c. 60 Hz
d. 120 Hz

70. A capacitor is connected to a 115 V, 25 Hz AC source and takes 5 A. What current will be taken
from the same source when the capacitance and the frequency are both doubled?
a. 2.5 A
b. 5.0 A
c. 10.0 A
d. 20.0 A

71. The ratio of the effective value to the average value of a periodic waveform is called ___
a. Power factor
b. Reactive factor
c. Quality factor
d. Form factor

72. The ratio of the maximum value to the effective value of a periodic waveform is called ___
a. Power factor
b. Peak factor
c. Quality factor
d. Form factor

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

73. What component in the oscillator controls the pulse width?
a. inductor
b. transformer
c. capacitor
d. transistor

74. What is the cause of a minimum Q on a single tuned LC circuit

a. Increased shunt resistor
b. Decreased series resistor
c. decreased capacitance
d. Decrease shunt resistor

75. In an AC circuit containing both an inductor and a capacitor, what term is used for the
difference in the individual reactances.
a. Resultant reactance
b. Differential reactance
c. Total reactance
d. Circuit reactance

76. This type of circuit operates with a leading power factor.

a. Series or parallel RC
b. Series or parallel RL
c. Resistive
d. Any of these

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

77. What is the form factor of a half wave rectified sine wave?
a. 1.57
b. 1
c. 1.11
d. 1.37

78. The vector sum of the line currents in a balanced 3-phase, 4-wire system is equal to
a. Zero
b. 3 times the line current
c. Line current divided by 3
d. The current in the neutral wire

79. A 3-phase, 3-wire distribution system providing 220 V for lighting would have an
available voltage of ___ for operating 3-phase motors.
a. 440 V
b. 381 V
c. 311 V
d. 220 V

80. The Thevenin impedance of a network seen from the load terminals is 50-j 30 ohms.
For maximum power transfer, the load impedance must be
a. 50 - j30 ohms
b. 50 + j30 ohms
c. 50 ohms
d. -50 - j30 ohms
Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA
81. A 3-phase, 4-wire distribution system providing 220 V for single-phase lighting loads would have
an available line to line voltage of ___ for operating 3-phase motors.
a. 440 V
b. 381 V
c. 311 V
d. 220 V

82. He was a Croatian-American engineer whose inventions – among them the induction motor and the
first polyphase ac power system – greatly influenced the settlement of the ac versus dc debate in
favor of ac.
a. Thomas Edison
b. Nicola Tesla
c. Joseph Henry
d. Michael Faraday

83. The description of 2 sine waves that are step with each other going through their maximum points
at the same time and the same direction
a. Phased sine wave
b. Stepped sine waves
c. Sine waves in phase
d. Sine waves in coordination

84. A 220 Vrms, 60 Hz source has an internal impedance of (20 + j15) ohms. If an impedance load ZL is
connected across the source terminals, the maximum power that may be delivered to the load is
a. 275 W
b. 605 W
c. 484 W
d. 538 W

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

85. The resistance of a combination of three 1 ohm resistors cannot be
a. 0.75 ohm
b. 1.5 ohms
c. 3 ohms
d. 0.33 ohms

86. If the load impedance is 80 – j60 ohms, the load power factor is
a. 36.87
b. 0.8 lagging
c. 36.87
d. 0.8 leading

87. An impedance coil draws 100 VA, 60 W. Solve for the Q-factor of the coil.
a. 0.6
b. 0.8
c. 0.75
d. 1.25

88. The current through a 1-ohm resistor in parallel to a 2-ohm resistor across a current
source of 10A is
a. 3.33 A
b. 6.67 A
c. 10 A
d. 5 A

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

89. If a voltage source of 5 V with 1 ohm internal resistance is connected in parallel with a
voltage source of 6V with 0.8 ohm internal resistance, what is then the total voltage
across the parallel combination?
a. 5 V
b. 6 V
c. 5.25 V
d. 5.55 V

90. Inductors are ________in DC circuits

a. short
b. open
c. low resistance
d. high resistance

91. Magnetic field is also called

a. Magnetic field intensity
b. Magnetizing force
c. Magnemotive force per unit length
d. Any of these

92. It pertains to the negative magnetizing force applied to reduce the residual magnetism
to zero
a. hysteresis
b. magnetic field strength
c. coercive force
d. retentivity
Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA
93. A magnet that is heated well
a. Increase in magnetism
b. Decrease in magnetism
c. No change in magnetism
d. Saturated and melt

94. Permeability is the ______________

a. Power found in electromagnets
b. Ease with which metals maybe magnetized or demagnetized
c. Power found in magnetic field
d. Power found in transformer

95. What is the name of the effect of some of the magnetic field leaking off due to less
than 100% coupling
a. Leakage reactance
b. Electromagnetic effect
c. Eddy currents
d. Self inductance

96. A group of magnetically aligned atoms

a. range
b. crystal
c. domain
d. lattice

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

97. Magnetism that is present I a magnetic material after the magnetizing force has been
a. residual
b. permeance
c. electromagnetism
d. magnetic induction

98. Magnetic lines of force is also called

a. flux
b. magnemotive force
c. magnetic current
d. both a and c

99. Two positive charges of 1 Coulomb each separated by a distance of 1 meter will
experience an electrostatic force of repulsion equivalent to
a. 1 N
b. 9 x 109
c. 9.8 N
d. 1 x 109

100. What is the working voltage of a capacitor operating at 600V?

a. 900 V
b. 600 V
c. 750 V
d. v450 V

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA

Jaime P. Licuanan, ECE,CCNA