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MBA 501
Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive

Weerachai Pecharawech
Student Number 124810
FutureMed is a large company in Australia that develops and markets
radiopharmaceuticals. It has traditional conservative structure and culture. It is
governed by a board of seven directors. They govern and expect senior
management team to be alert and quick for new innovations in nuclear medicine
but there is no systematic approach to identify or creation of potential disruptive

Radiopharmaceutical is still illegal and cannot be lawfully supplied in Australia, as it

is not registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). While
other countries such as Indonesia and New Zealand have fewer regulations for this

It make this company difficult to find investor in Australia because this drug is still a
developing science and not many business financiers understand and feel
comfortable to support.
What is radiopharmaceutical?
Radiopharmaceuticals or radioactive drugs are
pharmaceutical drug which have radioactivity. They are used
mainly in hospitals for diagnostic or therapeutic purpose. It
has selected specific radioisotope for specific properties.

These drugs can be apply by mouth or injection,

radioisotopes releases Gamma waves, then travel
throughout the body to diagnose body dysfunction .
Normally the radiation will excrete from body after 1 day.

They can used to detect and treat some serious diseases and
certain types of cancer.
What is radiopharmaceutical?
Please watch for a better understanding
How does it work?
How does it work?
Disruptive Innovation
Disruptive innovation is a new innovation
which create new technology that transforms
existing markets or replace existing technology
with the new ones.
Disruptive Innovation Model

Internal Perspective
Internal Perspective Analysis
Internal Perspective Recommendation
External Perspective
PEST Analysis
Political Economic
Strict law and regulation in Australia No investor in Australia
Recommendation Recommendation
Shift business to other countries Find international funds.
with fewer regulations.
External Analysis
Social Technology
Radiopharmaceutical is deveoping
Not aware of the important of technology
Recommendation Collaborate with other company to
Educate them create new technology based on
External Perspective Analysis
External Perspective Recommendation
Marketing Perspective
Marketing Perspective Analysis
Marketing Perspective Recommendation
Technology Perspective
Basic TRIZ framework
Technology Perspective Analysis
Technology Recommendation
• Be a leap frog in Radiopharmaceutical industry.
• Put effort and make it become the company's Star
Challenges • Strategic planning for technology in Innovation.
• Apply TRIZ framework to identify potential
disruptive technologies

• FutureMed can use patent to be unique competitive

Patents • Collaborate, incorporate with other companies to
create technology trend.
It is important for FutureMed to shift its current
operation to compete in global platform. It should
change organization culture and structure which
will lead to increase organization’s capabilities. I
believe this analyses and recommendations will
escalate FutureMed’s performance in Disruptive