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Internship Presentation

Name Ali Raza Bashir

Roll no FA14-MBA-08

Supervisor Ms Saba Farooq

Department Management Sciences

Organization JDW sugar Mills

 Incorporated in 1990
 Public limited Company on 24 August
 Largest group in the sugar industry
 15-17% of country’s sugar production
 3 units

Unit 1
31st May 1990
Unit 2
November 2005
Unit 3
02 June 2006

To be the market leader a

world-class organization
by meeting and
proactively anticipating
customer needs.
To be amongst the most
efficient and lowest cost
producers in the industry.

To grow our base business in

sugar and build those related
activities where there is
opportunity to smooth the
impact of sugar price cycles.
To produce sugar this is of
highest international standards.
To make investment in
sugarcane crop to ensure
regular supply of cane and
profitability of growers.
Strength Weakness
 Market Leader  Expenses
 Wide set up of farms  Recycling System
 Technology  Lack of proper
 Large domestic transportation
market  Unhygienic atmosphere
affects the workers
Opportunities Threats
 Can increase per yield  Competition
production  Advertising campaign may be
 Land of vicinity is very needed in future
fruitful for sugar mills  Shortage of Sugar cane
 Shift towards beet production
production as it is cheaper
 Earn foreign exchange by
exporting surplus sugar
Weekly Report
1st Week
 Orientation
 Training
 Work regarding

 E Mail
 Manual Documentation
 Telephone
 ORACLE JD Edwards (Software)
2nd Week
Generate Vouchers
3rd Week
 Scan Invoices
 Attach Invoices
4th Week
 Compile documents for loan
 Details land documents

Week 5 Week 6
 Worked with maintenance Work with HR department
in charge  Recruitment and selection
 Record the complaints  Training and development
 Forward Complaints  Performance appraisal
 Compensation and
 Attendance
• JDW sugar mills is operating very well and competing greatly. It has
many competitors but has many opportunities to progress rapidly as
compared to its competitors.
• This internship report compiles the experience gained by me during
the course of my internship period with JDW group.
• This course of internship helped me to boost following skills:
 Communication skills
 Technical skills
 Managerial skills
 MS Excel
 ORACLE JD Edwards

This is a fact that in this universe nothing is perfect. In every

field of life there are some pluses and minuses, So it is
necessary for them to remain updated with the changing
environment. I recommend the following improvements to
JDW group:
 Mark-up free loan to the growers
 Employ latest and advanced Technology
 Proper channel for interns
 Activity of market department
 Complaint handling mechanism