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Overview of Draft Road Safety

Transport Bill 2014

30th October 2014, Goa

9th SIAM – JAMA Meeting

Existing New Proposal

Road Transport
Motor Vehicle Act
Safety Bill 2014

Central Motor
New Rules…..
Vehicle Rules
New Authorities to be set up
• Draft RTSB 2014 issued by Government of India –
September 2014
• New Authorities being created to focus on specific
1. Vehicle Regulation and Road Safety Authority
a) Technical Working Groups
2. National Road Transport & Multi – Modal Coordination
3. Infrastructure and Multi Modal Facilitation Authority
4. National Highway Traffic Regulation Protection Force
• Focused more on safety than environmental and auto
fuel issues.
Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
Enabling the 1 mn Job Creation
Vision mission of
“Make In 4% increase in GDP
By Making India”
Through 200K lives saved in 5 years

Safer, Faster, Cost Effective & Inclusive Movement of Passengers & Freights
Safer Faster Cost Effective Inclusive

Driver Road Safety & Offences Infrastructure

Public Goods
Regulations licensing Vehicle Traffic & & Multimodal
Passenger Transport &
of Motor system registering management Penalties Facilitation
Transport National
Vehicles Chapter: system Chapter: X Chapter: Chapter: IX
Chapter: Freight
Chapter: III IV Chapter : V XIV
VII Policy
& XI Chapter: VIII
Other related
Chapter: XII Claims Tribunals
Chapter: XIII Highway Traffic Regulation & Protection Force

Motor Vehicle Regulation & Road Safety Authority (NA) National Road Transport & Multimodal Coordination Authority
Chapter: II (NTA) Chapter: VI
RTSB - Positive points
1. Better use of IT and focus on efficiency
2. Better efforts for enforcement
3. Permit simplification
4. Focus to develop an integrated transportation system
5. More scientific approach to rule making, using cost
benefit analysis etc.
6. Openness for promotion of technology & innovations

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
Key Aspects for Vehicle Construction / Certification

1. Vehicle Recall
2. “Default” approval of vehicles in case of delay
3. Manufacturers Liability
4. Emergency rule making
5. Specific mention of Safety Rating concepts

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
Driver Licensing System & Vehicle
Registration System
Driver Licensing:
a) Nationwide Unified IT based Licensing system.
b) Automated Driver Testing facilities

Vehicle Registration system

1. Unified Nationwide IT based Vehicle registration
2. Vehicle Registration linked with insurance & vehicle

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
Offences & Penalties
• Higher penalties for manufacturing faulty vehicles

• Stricter penalties for drunken driving & hand held

communication devices usage while driving
• Offence database would be able to identify repeat offenders
• Strict penalties for causing death of child (Rs.300 K fine &
minimum 7 years imprisonment)

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
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Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers