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Lecture on Infrastructure – Road Related


Eng./Plnr. Nihal Somaweera
Former Secretary
Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation
Sri Lanka

Engineer in Society
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Municipal Councils .9 Provincial Councils Local Government .Boards/Corporations (Semi Government) Provincial Councils .Pradeshiya Sabas Constitution (9th Schedule of 13th Amendment) specified duties for Central Government and Provincial Councils.Ministries . Subject of Transport falling in both lists. (Provincial Council list and Reserved list) .Government Structure and Responsibilities Central Government .Departments .Urban Councils .

sea or air or by National Water ways by mechanically propelled vessels . land.Transport Sector Functions for Central Government and Agencies Involved According to Reserved list in the 13th Amendment to the constitution following subjects and functions with Central Government Ports and Harbours Aviation and Airports National Transport (This would include : ) (a) Railways (b) Highways declared by Law made by Parliament (c) Carriage of Passengers and Goods by railway.

SLPA Ministry of Megapolis & Western Development . National Transport Medical Institute .Megapolis Project . Railway Department . Sri Lanka Transport Board . Department of Motor Traffic .SLLRDC . Civil Aviation Authority . Transport Sector Agencies under Central Government Ministry of Transport .UDA .RDA Ministry of Port & Shipping . Airport & Aviation Company Ltd. National Transport Commission . Ministry of Road Development & Higher Education .

• A study was undertaken for the Implementation of Bus Rapid Transit system in a congested transport corridor by University of Moratuwa. • Under the same Technical Assistance a feasibility study for the implementation of a monorail system was completed. • Megapolis Transport Plan 6 . National Urban Transport Policies and Plans • The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation with the technical assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) completed a Master Plan for Urban Transport System Development for Colombo Metropolitan Region and the Suburbs in 2014.

Megapolis Transport Plan • Recently established Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development used the above two comprehensive study data and developed Western Region Transport plan with collaboration of all the transport sector agencies. • Following high priority projects identified by Western Region Transport Plan have been already approved by the Government.  Introduction of flexible & staggering Working Hours  Parking Management  Improvements of Intersections with signal timing updates  Improvement of School & office Transport services  Restructuring Public Bus Service  Modernizing & Improving the quality and services of the buses  Feasibility on Bus Rapid Transit  Rapid Transit for the CBD  Multimodal Transport Hub  Railway Electrification and Modernization  Road Improvements/ Road Capacity Improvement 7 .

containers etc ) . cars. Private taxies. Total number of buses (approximately) : 30.000 Average number of private buses operated daily : 24. vans etc • Travel demand by all modes of motorized transport around 80 billions passenger km annually • Passenger transport : undertaken by both Public and Private buses. • Bus transport share : 61% of the country’s total passenger transport.000 • Percentage of road transport method for freight : 98% 8 (vans. Larger trucks.000 Average number of government owned buses : 6. Lorries.Background and Status of National Transport System • Main passenger transport modes: Bus transport & Rail transport Three wheelers.

Provincial. Rural and other roads in terms of the responsibility. • About 90 percent of passengers and 98 percent of freight are carried by the road.000 km. • Sri Lanka has experienced in expressways lines 9 . • The road network of the country consists of 116. Roads are divided into National. Existing Road Network System • Roads are the backbone of the transport sector in the country.

765 Other roads 4.76 km/sq.000 Road density 1.Road Network 116. km National Highways Type of roads km Expressways 161 A Class Highways 4.334 Provincial Roads 15.000 km Type of roads km National Highways 12.215 B Class Highways 7.975 Rural Roads 83.958 Bridges 4200 10 .

2km) Outer Circular Expressway 11 .8km)  Outer Circular Expressway (29. Expressway Network  Southern Expressway (126.1km)  Colombo – Katunayaka Expressway (25.

rest of the network is single track line. . • Except for 126km double –track lines around Colombo. • The present railway system provides the suburban railway service from suburbs to the city Centre. consisting 172 major stations and 161 sub stations that covers most of the country except the southeast. • Policy Perspectives and Strategic Investment programme 2016 – 2021 was prepared for Railway sector in 2015 covering all parts of the 12 country. Existing Rail Network System • The total route length of Sri Lanka Railway is 1.450km.

Ongoing and Planned Major Urban Transportation Projects 13 .

Colombo Suburban Railway Project • Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation is currently conducting feasibility study for identifying the issues and projects to modernize urban railway system(230KM) under the Technical Assistant from Asian Development Bank. • Feasibility Study Completed • Detail Design Consultancy 14 . • Colombo Suburban Railway Project Management unit already have appointed.

RTS for Colombo proposed by Megapolis Planning Project 15 .

Construction of Multimodal Transport Hub • A feasibility study to construct a Multimodal Transport Hub in Colombo Fort so as to integrate all transport modes for the convenience of both rail and bus passengers . Existing Railway Station at Fort and Bus Conceptual Image of the Multimodal Transport Stands/stops Hub in Colombo 16 .

Ongoing and Planned Major Urban Transportation Projects Elevated Port Access Road • In order to provide easy access to cargo and container traffic Colombo and Suburbs to reach Colombo Fort and Harbour and to ease the prevailing traffic congestion within the Colombo city area.8 km length to provide a high mobility facility to connect Colombo Fort • Proposed project is expected to be with the expressway network.. from New Kelani Bridge would be about US$ 250 Mn with at Peliyagoda to Colombo Fort has funding Asian Development bank.Cont. it is proposed 5. 17 . completed within three years. an elevated • Estimated cost of the project highway. been proposed. • For this purpose.

18 . • Construction of Elevated Road towards the Port Access Road. • Construction of Interchange and Junction • Improvement of A-grade Road.2 • Construction of Main Line consisting of extradosed Bridge parallel to the existing bridge connecting CKE and Base Line Road. • The bridge accommodates 6-lane traffic with 380m length. Ongoing and Planned Major Urban Transportation Projects New Kelani Bridge ..Cont.

• Phase 1. • This elevated expressway will be implemented in two phases.. Ongoing and Planned Major Urban Transportation Projects Elevated expressway from OCH through Koswatta. US$ 400Mn) and Phase 2 – Rajagiriya to Athurugiriya (10. Rajagiriya • It has been proposed to construct an elevated highway network in Colombo district in order to improve connectivity between Colombo City and Administrative capital Battaramulla to prevailing traffic congestion.Cont.9 km. US$ 19 500Mn).New Kelaniya Bridge to Rajagiriya (6. .4 km.

20 .