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The Media &

The Media as information source

 One of the primary roles of media is to inform.

 The Library of Virginia explains that Information
can come virtually anywhere – media, blogs,
personal experiences, books, journal and
magazine articles, expert opinions,
encyclopedias, and web pages.
Indigenous media

 Indigenous media may be defined as forms of

media expression conceptualized, produced,
and circulated by indigenous peoples around
the globe as vehicles for communication,
including cultural preservation, cultural and
artistic expression, political self-determination,
and cultural sovereignty, according to Oxford
The community media and the
indigenous people
 Community media is an independent, civil
society based media that operate for
social benefit and not for profit according
The community media and the
indigenous people
 Social movements and community-based
organizations make use of community media for:
1. It serves the community by providing access to
2. It gives the community a platform for raising their
concerns and aids in solving them.
3. It provides a medium for community discussions
4. It makes public decision making possible through
information and knowledge sharing among
members of the community.
Examples of Indigenous media
 Ethnographic films – a  Aboriginal media
visual manifestation Imparja – (meaning – tracks or
o0f anthropological footprints)a commercial station
intended for aboriginal
practice organized in population.
a linear moving

As it documents the
archaeological diggings in a
remote barrio, it unearths the
individual and collective
recollections of archaeologists
and the local residents of Sitio
Tuhian, Catanauan, Quezon.
Traditional Media as primary source
of information

 Traditional media – print, radio, and television was

initially invented as a means of mass
communication with the purpose to inform.
The library as source of information

Library – a place where books, magazines, and

other materials (such as videos and musical
recordings) are available for people to use or
borrow. (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary)
The Internet as source of
 Three aspects of Internet as a source of
1. Abundance
Activity: (1/2 crosswise pad paper)
Compare the following different sources of
media and information. Write at least (3)
attributes foe each potential source.
Indigenous Traditional Library Internet
Media Media
Using different ways to find information sources, each
group will pick one indigenous group for reporting and
creative presentation. Each group will present in 15 minutes
and is worth 25 points.
1. Aeta
2. Igorot
3. Caraballo Tribes
4. Mangyan
5. Palawan Tribes
6. Lumad
7. Moro or Muslims

 Content of Research
 Creativity
 Media Convergence
 Teamwork & Performance
 Discussion