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• Section A – information Transfer
( 5 questions – 10 marks)

1. Study and understand the information .

2. Read the sentence before and after the
blanks to get clues. Look for keywords.
3.Make sure to change the tenses or the structure
of the phrase ,or add articles, if necessary, to fit
the sentences in the text.
4. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation.
5. Read the whole passage again to ensure the
overall flow.
Parasite flowering plant
No stems, leaves or true roots
Diameter: 100 centimeters

Named after Sir Thomas Stamford

Raffles Five-large petals

Known as ‘corpse flower’

Up to 10 kilogrammes Attract flies – transport pollen

Smells like rotten meat

The Rafflesia is ____________________________. It was named after Sir Thomas Stamford

Raffles. The plant has ___________________________________________ and has five


large petals. It is about _________________________ and weighs up to 10


kilogrammes. It is also known as __________________________ because it smells like


rotten meat. So, it attracts flies ______________________________________.

Date: Thursday,5th July 2018 and
Friday, 6th July 2018
Time: 8.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.

You will have the opportunity to:

> Speak with your child’s teacher individually about his/her class
> Discuss your child’s academic progress privately
> Talk to the guidance counselor about your child’s psychological
Puan Hana : Did you get the school reminder from your son?
My daughter, Maya, gave hers to me yesterday. It is about the

Mrs.Ng : Yes, I got it. I think it is good. I have always worried about Chan’s
______________________________(2) .He has failed some his
subjects in his last test. I wonder if anything could be done to
help him.

Puan Hana : I am more interested to talk to the

__________________________(3)about my daughter’s mood
swings and changes in her attitude. I don’t know if
she has any problem in that aspect.

Mrs.Ng : There are _____________________________ (4) for us to

attend the event: 5 and 6 July. We need to go at 8 a.m. Which
date do you choose to go?

Puan Hana : I choose to go on ___________________________ (5)

which is nearer to the weekend. I could apply for leave easier.