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Essay on Becoming more Eco-

• My goal was to write an essay that would convince
companies on the benefits of going green. I included
some companies that are successful like New Belgium,
Patagonia, and Cisco Systems. I also included
information about Cold Climate Housing Research
Center (CCHRC) a non-profit organization that I wanted
to challenged companies to donate to if they already are
trying to become more sustainable. The slides following
are samples taken out of the essay.
• Here is a link to the full essay:C:\Users\antho
\Desktop\A More Eco.pdf
New Belgium
• New Belgium has made many strides in becoming more sustainable.
New Belgium takes pride in having become a Certified B Corporation.
Certified B Corporation is a program that is recertified every two years;
The program has the company look at the ways that they benefit the
community, coworkers, and the environment. New Belgium campaigns
for keeping water clean and improving access to water as it is there main
resource in creating their craft beers. They also work with Salmon Safe
to help protect and ensure healthy watersheds for native salmon while
still being able to produce good beer.
•Patagonia is constantly involving
themselves with new strategies
to help move the eco-friendly
changes along. One program
that has been very successful in
being environmentally friendly is
there Worn Wear project.
Patagonia will take any old
clothing or equipment that is
still in okay shape and fix it up to
be used again. This cuts down
their waste, the energy it would
use to make a new product, and
there spending costs, which
leads to a net positive.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems has repeatedly been recognized as the “We believe environmental
sustainability is critical for
most environmentally friendly company. They have
economies and for all global
become leaders in taking the initiative to becoming more citizens. Reducing greenhouse gas
efficient and sustainable. Due to the large reports that emissions, preserving biodiversity
they put out every year, they have seized every and natural resources, and
opportunity to become more ecologically knowledgeable designing our products to minimize
waste. These important actions are
and sustainable. The Owner of Cisco Systems has said that
factored into every aspect of our
there is a necessity and a duty to put up sustainability business.” (Cisco, 2017)
numbers with corporate numbers.
• The goal is to improve our world after the large amount
of damage we have done. Patagonia’s founder has said
that once you start making changes to becoming more
environmentally cautious, it becomes easier and easier.
Cisco Systems has acknowledged the importance of not
only showing the probability of their company but the
growth and number of their sustainability. New Belgium
has shown that every company, and person has ties to
the environment and why we need to be more active in
the climate initiative. We can learn from the companies
that have already become more sustainable to improve
your company.
Yupik Tribe
•The Yupik tribe that has lived in Alaska for the past 2,000 years. The
Yupik live as semi-nomadic people. They rotate through villages
depending on the time of year and where the best fishing is as that is one
of the Yupik’s main source of incomes. Living next to nothing, the Yupik
have struggled to find the best way to overcome their problems of
climate change. Every year, the water raises overcoming a little more of
their small civilization in Alaska swamps. The Yupik Tribe would be the
first group to be totally overcome by climate change. The Alaskan tribe
struggles to find the best way to overcome their problem of rising water
because of the difference of opinions an idea. With the tribe being as old
as 2,000 years, there are many people who believe it would be wrong to
leave their ancestors land and change the tribe’s lifestyle of fishing and
moving seasonally. Some efforts have been made through Cold Climate
Housing Research Center (CCHRC) to help the Yupik build more
sustainable houses instead of their sod houses with vinyl paneling.
• The Yupik have struggled for a very long time
and you could help participate in changing
the hard lives they live. If we do not start
recognizing people dealing with more
climate change related incidents, we are
going to find ourselves in trouble. With more
and more disasters occurring, we need to
help change our earth back to what it once
was to save our planet.
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