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Contemporary Ballet

What is Contemporary Ballet?
• Contemporary ballet is a genre of dance
that incorporates elements of classical
ballet and modern dance. Many of its
attributes come from the ideas and
innovations of 20th century modern
dance, including floor work and turn-in
of the legs.
• Founded in 1969 by Alice Reyes with the
support of the Cultural Center of the
Philippines, Ballet Philippines (BP)

• Old name of the Ballet Philippines is CCP

Dance Company
The Ballerina

Head Hand


Rama hari

Is a adaptation of an
Indian epic the

Christian Bautista as
Karylle as Sita

Musical Director

Ryan Cayabyab

(Raymundo Cipriano
Pujante Cayabyab) is a
well know pop classical


Alice Reyes

has become a significant part of

Philippine dance parlance. As a
dancer, choreographer, teacher
and director, she has made a
lasting impact on the development
and promotion of contemporary
dance in the Philippines. Her dance
legacy is evident in the dance
companies, teachers,
choreographers and the exciting
Filipino modern dance repertoire
of our country today.

Bienvenido Lumbera

s a poet, librettist,
and scholar.

He created the long

script of the play
Rama Hari

Lola Basyang is a collection of
children stories by Severino Reyes.

It was adapted by the ballet manila

and they offered three stories;

• Ang Prinsipe ng Mga Ibon

• Ang Kapatid ng Tatlong Marya
• Ang Mahiwagang Biyulin.
Ang Prinsipe ng mga Ibon
Prinsesa Singsing has a hidden lover
named Prinsipeng Ibon. Later on, the
Princess tells her father about her
affair. Haring Tongkiang is furious as he
does not want his daughter to marry a
bird. What will he do to stop their
affair? Will he succeed? Or will true
love prevail?
Choreographer and Musical Director

Osias Barroso Mon Faustino

Ang Kapatid ng Tatlong Marya
This is a tale of a man who dreamed of a
better life. Soon, the man became greedy
and for this he was punished. His three
daughters were taken from him as the
consequence of his evil actions. He soon
had another child, this time a boy. Before
his death he requested that his son
should find his sisters who were now
wives of beastly animals. Will he
accomplish this task? And will his sisters
remember their real father?
Choreographer and Musical Director

Liza Macuja-Elizalde Joey Ayala

Ang Mahiwagang Biyulin
The tale is about a poor
worker who was given a
violin when he helped an
old lady. The enchanting
rhythm of the strings
sends listeners to a
Tony Fabella Ryan Cayabyab

A. Joey Ayala
B. Liza Macuja-Elizalde
C. Alice Reyes
D. None of these
A. Mon Fautino
B. Ryan Cayabyab
C. Bienvenido Lumbera
D. None of These