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The teacher finds it very difficult to incorporate
the ideas and sentiments expressed in the literary
piece to his students.
Teachers of rural India possess only bookish
knowledge of these things. Moreover , in this part
of Assam there is very little scope to show the live
picture of such natural objects

For this reason the students receive incomplete or

hazy ideas which they have to carry all through
their lives.
The English or American social pattern is quite
different from that of India

Indian students in general are

born and brought up in
conservative and sometimes
orthodox society where they
follow some strict social and
moral codes of conduct.
But the values and morals of European society are
quite different from those of the Indians. Their
social pattern is rather loose and unorthodox.
As a result a teacher in
an Undergraduate
class finds it very
difficult to describe the
love life described in
a Drama or Novel

Students feel shy and The teacher feels afraid

sometimes offended whether his description or
because of their limited analysis violated the limit
vision or not
References of the Bible
and Christianity are found
in most of the prescribed
literary pieces

a large section of
Indian Teachers do not
know the pros and cons
of Christianity as they
belong to some other
As a result, the teacher generally avoid the
detail analysis of the things like Easter
Sunday, holy Thursday , Resurrection etc.

Thus, the student receives only a partial idea about all

these things and his Study of Literature remains
incomplete. He misses the inherent significance of such
Biblical terms.
The same is true so far as
Greek Mythology as well as
Historical incidents are
concerned. An Indian teacher
can analyse any Indian
Mythological or Historical
incident clearly and effectively
But the same teacher has to
take immense labour and
strain while analysing an
incident from Greek or Roman
Mythology. His task becomes
very difficult because of the
cultural differences
Latin and French Quotations are also
impediments on the part of both the
students and the teachers

You can see clearly only with the heart...

The Undergraduate students of our locality possess
very little knowledge of European History and
Geography. For this reason it becomes very
difficult on the part of the teacher to make them
understand the situation narrated in the text
Another very acute problem is the
insufficiency of proper study
A large number of students admit themselves
in the Undergraduate courses with a very
poor English background. In the rural schools
they do not get proper guidance due to non
availability of trained teachers
A recent study revealed that even a good
student possess 500 to 2000 word stock.
Now, if this is the reality, then how can he/she
understand the poems, novels or dramas of
great English authors?

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