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Computing Units

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Welcome to Manas Microsystems Pvt.
• Manas Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1998,
and has been engaged in the manufacturing of Electromagnetic
Flow Meters, Gas / Steam Flow Metering Systems & other related
process instruments in India.
• The Electromagnetic flow meter is an indigenously developed
product & has been launched in 2001. So far the installations of this
product has exceeded 6000 numbers at various places in India &
Abroad. They are used in various applications like Water
Distribution, Sewage Water Treatment, Effluent Measurement,
Slurry & other Viscous Liquid Measurements in various public &
private sectors. The sizes available from 3/8” line to 40” line size
(DN 10 to DN 1000).
Our Products
• Electromagnetic Flow Meter
• Gas, Air and Steam Flow Meter
• Ultrasonic Flow Meter
• Computing Units
Computing Units

• We are offering computing units, by which we can

measure mass flow of the fluid like water, gases & Steam.
According to fluids it comes into three division that are:
SFT, GFT & WMFT. Computing Unit also consist of Heat
Meter for Heat transfer application & BTU meter for
chiller application. Data logging, Computer connectivity
& GSM connectivity is also available in computing Units.
Steam Flow Totaliser ( SFT 200 – Wall / Panel
• We are manufacturers and suppliers of industrial grade Steam
flow totalizers. These units are designed to measure the mass
flow rates of saturated and superheated steams.

Gas Flow Totaliser ( GFT 100 – Wall / Panel Mounting)

• Manas is the manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade
Gas flow totalizers.

Water Mass Flow Computing Unit (WMFT – 100)

• This unit is designed to measure the mass flow rate of boiler
feed water. It calculates the instantaneous density by
measuring temperature and pressure.
Steam Flow Totaliser ( Gas Flow Totaliser ( GFT
SFT 200 – Wall / Panel 100 – Wall / Panel Water Mass
Mounting) Mounting) Flow
Unit (WMFT –
• Manas make BTU meters comprises of accurately calibrated
Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Pair of temperature sensors and
Flow Transmitter with integral Energy computing capability
unit to calculate Net Heat consumed. We offer our BTU
Meters for wide range of applications. Example- In Air
handling Units, chilled water, HVAC applications. It is used in
centralized air conditioning systems for both commercial and
industrial buildings. Similarly for Hot Water & Thermic fluid
applications our Heat meter (HET100L) also perfomed well.
• Application Sector for BTU Meter :
• Air Handling Units
• HVAC Systems
BTU Meter for Chiller
Application (BTU 100L) BTU Meter for Heat Transfer
Application (HET 100L)