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Education Technology has the potential to provide equal
opportunities in several ways.According to means and
Olson access to educational technology at school can give
students from low income homes where there is little or
no access to technology,guranteeing access for all class
rooms to affordable education technology order to
achieve curricular goals makes it possible to begin to
address the inequities that exist among school.
SIET[State Institute of
SIET was constituted by government of India.
The institute was constituted under the Travancore Literary
Scientific and Charitable Societies Act1951 on 08/09/1999.
SIET Kerala is the latest in the array of seven SIET in
SIET set up in six states Orissa Andra pradesh Bihar
Gujarat Maharastra and Uttar pradesh
 SIET kerala is resposible for the planning ,
research, production and evaluation of
educational softwares like video, audio
programmes and computer multimedia.SIET
Kerala also aims to implement schemes to
generate teaching technologies and learning
process in the modern context
 The Instiute has adopted itself to play a cataytic role in
fostering as well as supporting and supplementing the
educational movement in the state particulary in the arena
of secondary and higher secondary education. Its area of
operation covers the preparation of video/audio
programmes for the children of 5 to 17 years of age (class 1
to class 12)and the teachers in the regional language in the
from of supportive materals for the conventional class room
Academic wing
The Academic wing including erst while ET cell of
SCERT designs the media curriculum and finalizes
scripts for Audio and Video programmes.
Administrative wing

With the requisite staff in different cadres, the adminstrative

wing looks after the entire functioning of the instiute in its
administration , financial aspects and provision of transport
and other basic amenities.
Engineering wing

The Engineering wing places the facilities and

technical services at the disposal of the production at
the time of training courses, evaluation studies, field
surveys etc.
Production wing
The production Tems consist of producers, production
assistant, cameraman, Graphic Artsts and other
skilled personnel. Strive for producing qualitative
media programmes.
 Educational TV programme
 Educational Film Festivel
 CD Library project
Educational tv programme
The educational programmes produced by the SIET
have won wide acclaim and appreciation from the
student – teacher- parent community of the kerala
state. At present the SIET telecasts educational
programmes through Doordershan from 6.30 Am to
7.00 Am in DDI on a daily basis. SIET kerala now also
telecasting educational programmes through the
EDUSAT channel of the Dept. of Educational, Govet.
Of kerala from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm everyday.
Educational film festival
Childrens Film Festivals has a comprehensive
content that will naturally cover core academic topics
and a verity of subjects ranging from adulteration and
pollution to issues more relevant to the young world
like substance abuse, child labor, problems of the girl-
child, child-centered education and disability will also
be dealt with. Educators are increasingly employing
videos, films and animations to expand the horizons
of our emerging knowledge society.
Cd library project
The SIET has implemented CD Library project in
3500 LP Schools, 2900 UP Schools, 1800 High
Schools and 1247 Higher Secondary Schools.
The high professional excellence, technical quality and educational value of its
programs have earned the laurels of victory for its efforts in the different National
Educational vides/film festivala in different yeara.

The programs produced by SIET, kerala have consistently bagged awards for their
high professional excellence, technical and academic, quality and educational

Successfully implemented a full-fledged e-learning project 68oo schools in the

state of kerala.

SIET kerala bagged many awards in the national childrens film festival
EMMRC [Eductional
Multimedia Research
UGC set up media Centres in various universities and institution in
the country with the objectives to produce in-house quality
eductional programmes for electronic media. The centres are
engaged in production of video & Multimedia based programmes
.CEC and the Media centres have more than 500 traiend
manpower & state of the art equipment .CEC has perhaps the
largest repository of Educational Video programmes being
produced by its media centres, numbering more than 20000. at
present about 2000 video based programmes and almost same
under of e-Contents based on UGC model curriculum and being
produced annually by the Media centres. These programmes are
telecast on VYAS Higher Education Channel. CEC in its media
center circuit is having 22 centres across the counry.
EMMRC at the university of calicut is the only one
centre of is kind to be set up in kerala with the full
assistance of the university grants commission the
centre sanctioned during the 9 th plan became
operational in september 1998.As envisaged by the
UGC the centre has been set up as an non –vacation
acadamic department with the primary objectives of

1 producing audio-visual programmes for the UGC country

wide class room [CWCR] for broad cast on Dooradharshan
2 Conducting research in the hardware and software
aspects of audio visual technology. The centre is producing
e-content programmes for 9 allocated subjects –
Mathematics, epigraphy ,educations ,philosophy ,library
science .theatre arts ,fine arts ,multi media and bio
informatics under the CEC-NME-ICT.
Production activities

UGC Lecture Series

Video Lecture Programmes
Documentary Films
Ugc lecture series

The center has attained the credible and enviable status of

one of the best such centres in the field of producing quality
video aand e-content programmes
Video lecture programmes

Video lectures can be recorded in any subject following the

UGC coures curriculum. Thes educational documentation
and curriculm-based programmes are then broadcast on TV
channels such as DDI,DD B harti,DD gyan darshan, UGC”s
24 –hour Highereducation channel.
After launching National Mission on Education through ICT
on 2”nd Februaru 2009 at Tirupati, the MHRD invited
proposals from leading institutions of the country regarding
development of e-content.
Documentary films

Constitute a broad category of non-fictional motion pictures

intended to document some aspects in reality, primarily for
the purpose of instruction or maintaining a historical record
The centre has a high end digital TV system for the
production of programmes. A fully equipped TV studio for
single and multi –combers production , audio ,studio,high
ebnd out door production .
it is a satelite facility devoted on meet the demands
educational sector .it was launched on september 2004 by
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