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Folliculinum + Ovarinum - a dupla homeopática milagrosa que ajuda a engravidar
Olá, meninas, tudo bem?
Mais uma vez trazendo informação de qualidade para vocês.
A primeira vez que ouvi falar sobre esses medicamentos homeopáticos, acabei não indo a fundo, porque havia
fitoterápicos que eu tinha muito interesse em estudar. Eu me trato com homeopatia há muitos anos e ela me
curou de uma enfermidade muito complicada. Sou eternamente grata ao meu médico homeopata que foi
capaz de entender o problema e receitar a homeopatia correta.

Quando comecei a pesquisar a fundo novamente, fiquei espantada com a quantidade de relatos positivos. Não
eram poucos. Eram inúmeras páginas de fóruns e blogs com relatos. Resolvi então que iria pesquisar mais. Em
português há pouquíssima informação, então fui pesquisar direto na fonte, em inglês, nos artigos da Dra.
Melissa Assilem, médica homeopata, criadora da homeopatia Folliculinum.
OVARINUM. Sinonimia = Oophorinum, Ovininum.
Observação Clínica: J.H. Clarke.
Matéria prima: ovário de vaca seco, extrato
ovariano, suco de ovário de ovelha ou vaca.
Indicações no Boericke
Distúrbios após extração dos ovários.
Distúrbios da Menopausa. Cistos
ovarianos. Desordens cutâneas e Acne
Rosácea. Prurigo.
Compare: Orchitinum (extrato
testicular)– após ovarioectomia,
fraqueza sexual e degeneração senil.
Mist or Miasm? Melissa Assilem. 1990

Folliculinum. Sinonimia = Oestronum. Observação

Clínica: Léa Mattos. L´utilisation de Folliculinum
en Homeopathie. (1955-1957)
Matéria prima = foliculina (hormônio natural,
secretado pelo ovário).
This paper was first presented at the Society of Homoeopaths Seventh
International Conference at the University of Nottingham in September 1990.
It is reproduced here by kind permission of the author.
Clinical Situations
• There are too many here to go over each one, but there are some
special areas of interest here:
• history of abuse whether, sexual, physical or psychological.
• Myalgic encephalomyelitis; this is an obvious one when we
consider the overall picture of feeling drained and exhausted;
• fibroids; Folliculinum will help to regulate the cycle while the
tumour is shrinking. This of course is very important as there
are often frequent periods with very heavy bleeding
accompanying fibroids;
Clinical Situations

• Raynaud's disease, a vascular disorder where the

fingers go cold and numb and lose their ability to
circulate properly. Horrifyingly enough it has been
treated allopathically with the birth control Pill. Most
of us are aware of the dangers when there are vascular
problems and the Pill is known to be responsible for
causing thrombosis;
Clinical Situations

• Cardio vascular problems: this aspect shows up in

our Folliculinumpicture in angina, palpitations,
tachycardia, and other heart irregularities;
• Eating disorders; it is not surprising that Folliculinum is
useful in eating disorders considering the mental
picture of the remedy. Self-abuse with substances
which should nourish. Self-denial, but that is such a
huge subject in itself that I cannot elaborate here.
Clinical Situations

• Post-natal problems; another very interesting connection is

that of post-natal depression, difficulty bonding with the baby
and children unable to separate from their mother;
• all of these are about unbalanced connections.
• When our babies are born it is such a poignant reminder of the
unresolved hurts from our pasts.
• As for the child, if the connections are not secure enough, or
too tightly bound, the terror of separation is too painful to

Folliculinum is fairly well known. for having symptoms from ovulation to menses:
• all symptoms < ovulation to menses
• all symptoms > menses except specific menstrual symptoms
• worse from heat, noise, touch, resting
• better from fresh air. So there are ovulation problems such as:
• drawing, burning, gripping pains,
• spotting
• ovarian cysts
• polycystic ovaries
Reading down the list we can see how it covers the majority of symptoms found under
the umbrella of the premenstrual syndrome:
• breasts swollen and painful < touch (Lac caninum)
• migraines (Natrum muriaticum)
• nausea and vomiting diarrhoea alternating with constipation (both Pulsatilla)
• diarrhoea ten days before menses
• very low or high libido
• weepy and depressed
• hyperactive,
• indecisive, with panic attacks. With huge mood swings from aggression to
• apathy, and unable to tolerate noise, touch or heat

• We can also see a group of symptoms which might be

categorized as Candida albicans infestation:
• cravings especially for sugar and wheat
• rumblings, bloating, weight gain and itching
• and recurrent cystitis which returns at this time.
• This candida picture may tie into the body's inability to
regulate sugar, due to the adrenal system not
functioning properly, as I have already shown with the
previous diagram.

•painful periods centred in ovaries

•prolonged and heavy bleeding with bright
red blood and dark dots
•all sorts of cycle problems, either too
short; too long or none at all.
• Folliculinum is a really brilliant remedy around menopause, for which it is well
• It pretty well covers the whole range of physical and mental symptoms we might find
at this time. Let's have a look:
• cycle irregularities; flooding; hot flushes; hyperactive < rest (hot and bothered); -
night sweats; air hunger; dizziness and faintness; abdominal heaviness
• fibroids
• folliculaemia (4)
• vaginal dryness
• slow movement and spacey chinking
• hypersensitive to noise, heat and touch
• And of course, this covers any of these symptoms arising from a hysterectomy which
is like premature menopause.

• I have found that an optimum time to use Folliculinum is on the tenth to fourteenth
day of the cycle.
• This of course is not always the case.
• It would not be so for men or for amenorrhoea where ovulation is unknown or indeed
for postmenopausal women. I have used it a few days before the period, usually five
days or so.
• Léa de Mattos found that different potencies worked in quite different ways, and I
have found this to be true. The 3x or 4c stimulates and can bring on menstruation;
the 7c is a balancer, and the 9c is a menstrual retardant, where there may be very
frequent periods. There is a myth about not repeating Folliculinum to which I have
not taken heed. I have given it repeatedly every month, or on five consecutive nights
and in many other variations. As with any remedy it is important to be creative in its
use. I have used Folliculinum from 3C up to 10M.