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1) Direct Bailout 30 Billion Euros In First Installment Probably No

2) Early Cohesion Funds 18.1 Billion Euros Yes

3) Extending BOP EU Taxpayers Liable No

4) Common Eurozone Bonds Punishing Fiscally Sound Countries Probably Not
5) Setting Up European EU Taxpayers Liable Probably Not
Monetary Fund
6) Bilateral or Multilateral Place Burden On Few Member States Probably Not
7) EU Gov Buys Greek Bonds Risk For EU Taxpayers Unclear
8) Interest Rate Bailout Unsuitable For Germany No
9) Loans By EIB Risk For EU Taxpayers Unclear
10) Indirect Bailout By ECB Cost Of Borrowing Transfers To Eurozone No
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Dollar vs. Yuan
4 The United States and China are now in a Hot
4 This Hot War is named as such because it is a
money-centric conflict where speculative
money (Le., "Hot" money in FOREX) reigns as
an instrument of economic and financial
4 Threat to U.S economy & U.S national security
4 Seeking to maintain its export dominance, China
is engaged in a two-pronged effort: fighting
protectionism among its trade partners and
holding down the value of its currency.
4 Beijing is exploiting a fundamental difference
between two major international bodies
4 China had a $198 billion trade surplus with the
rest of the world last year, with its exports to the
United States outpacing imports by more than
four to one
4 Beijing has filed more cases with the W.T.O.͛s
powerful trade tribunals in Geneva than any
other country complaining about another͛s
trade practices.
4 Beijing has worked to suppress a series of
I.M.F. reports since 2007 documenting how
the country has substantially undervalued its
currency, the renminbi, said three people with
detailed knowledge of China͛s actions.
Yuan to replace $ ?
4 The Chinese government is laying the ground
for the yuan's ascendance.
4 China is better placed than the US to provide a
reserve currency for the 21st century because
it has a large current account surplus, focused
government and few of the economic worries
the US faces.
4 China will soon want to see the yuan included
in the International Monetary Fund's special
drawing rights "basket", he warns, as well as
seeing it "used as a means of payment in
bilateral trade."
U.S Action
4 President Obama called on Thursday for China
to introduce ͞a more market-oriented
exchange rate.͟ China͛s defiant response keeps
the administration in a difficult position.
4 U.S may list China as a currency manupulating
Effects of U.S. action
4 The Chinese products will cost more
4 Americans need to cut down consumption a
little less, since no savings to accommodate
for the increased cost of goods
4 Inflation in US will go high
4 China will stop buying U.S treasury bills which
will limit U.S ability to repay its debts
Effects on China
4 This will be a double edged blade for china as well as US.
4 Because this will cause j
to go down in value as
demand goes down by huge Chinese sale of Treasury
4 This will make the holdings worth less for china
4 China͛s exports will lose a market share from its biggest
market US
4 Chinese economy will get hurt- since exports down- lesser
money to spend on internal infra- etc.
4 But for US , this will pose a better opportunity and a worse
situation. One, its j
value goes down , and economy
might cripple, but on the other side, it will be easy for them
to pay back their huge debts.






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4 ULIP came into play in the 1960s and is popular in
many countries in the world.
4 In India investments in ULIP are covered under
Section 80C of IT Act.
4 *j

 (ULIP) provides for life
insurance where the policy value at any time
varies according to the value of the underlying
assets at the time. ULIP is life insurance solution
that provides for the benefits of protection and
flexibility in investment.
4 The investment is denoted as units and is
represented by the value that it has attained
called as Net Asset Value (NAV).
4 ULIP provides solutions for insurance
planning, financial needs, and many types of
financial planning including children͛s
marriage planning.
4 Unit Linked Insurance Plan - is a financial
product that offers you 
as well
as an investment like a 
 ! you pay goes towards
the sum assured and the balance will be
invested in whichever investments you desire -
equity, fixed-return or a mixture of both.
4 IRDA is regulatory authority for insurance
companies in India
4 SEBI controls Investment & Stock related
4 70% income for insurance cos is through ULIPs
4 An investment- SEBI & wants control.
4 The case is pending In Supreme court
4 Government Intervention
4 Which company Is being developed under the
code name pink?
4 Which was the 2nd country in the world to set up
radio broadcasting services and when?
4 Which Indian company was an equity partner of
Pepsi when it entered to India?
4 Who is founder of Dr.Reddy͛s Lab?
4 What is current Fiscal deficit of U.S/
4 With which country recently India has signed
4 When was Euro became Available to common
4 Where will the forth coming G-20 summit to be
held in 2010?
4 Which vehicle took its name from the fact that it
was made to be used for general purpose?
4 Who had the 1st paper currency right in India in
4 What is bailout package given by U.S president in
2 yrs?