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• Over Dominance is the interaction between
genes that are alleles and result in the
heterozygous individuals being superior to
either of their homozygotes.
• When A1 and A2 Gene occurs together:
• Genotypes are: A1A1, A1A2 and A2A2
• Example: A particular blood type in rabbits
• Genotype A1A1 produces Antigen 1
• Genotype A2A2 produces Antigen 2
• Genotype A1A2
• Not only produces Antigen 1 and 2
• But also produce Antigen 3
• Example in Human haptoglobinus, a protein
produced by genes with a specific property of
binding hemoglobines.H1H1,H1H2,H2H2
• Over dominance affects traits of fitness/ vigor
• Epistasis is another form of non additive
• Epistasis involves two or more pairs of genes
which are not alleles.
• In over dominance the action between genes of
a particular pair (A1 & A2) asheterozygotes
give different phenotypic expression than
when these genes are homozygous pairs.
• In Epistasis the action is between entirely
different pair of genes and not between
members of the same gene pair.
• In epistasis the two or more different pairs of
genes may be on the same chromosome oron
different chromosomes.
• In Horses, several coat colors are determined
by epistasis.
• Black and chestnut are two basic coat colors in
horses and these colors are affected by two
• The dominant gene B= Black.
• The recessive gene b= Chestnut.
• These two genes (B and b) segregates in the
gamete, recombine in zygote and express there
phenotypes accordingly.
• Some horses posses white color , this is referred
as dominant gene W (white gene)
Bbww Black color
bbww Chestnut color
Dominant White gene will produce
BBWw White color
BbWw White color
bbWw White color
The dominant white gene W inhibits theexpression
of either the black B or chestnut gene b.
Thus W is the epistasis to these two genes.
• aaBBww black color
• aaBbww black color
• AaBBww bay color
• AaBbww bay color
• AABBww bay color
• AABbww bay color.
• AAbbCCww chestnut color
• AabbCCww chestnut color
• AAbbC ͬͨ Cww palomino
• AabbC ͬͨ Cww palomino
• AAbbC ͬC ͨ ͬCww
ͨ type A, pseudo albino
• AabbC ͬCͨ ͬCww
ͨ type A, pseudo albino