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Projectiles and Vectors

What are Vectors?

• Vectors are pairs of a direction and a magnitude. We usually
represent a vector with an arrow:

• The direction of the arrow is the direction

of the vector, the length is the magnitude.
Adding Vectors
Two vectors can be added using the Parallelogram Law

Projectile Equations
A rocket moves straight upward, starting from rest with an
acceleration of 129.4 m/s2. It runs out of fuel at the end of 4.00 s
and continues to coast upward, reaching a maximum height before
falling back to Earth. (a) Find the rocket’s velocity and position at
the end of 4.00 s. (b) Find the maximum height the rocket reaches.
(c) Find the velocity the instant before the rocket crashes on the
A projectile is launched from point O at an angle of 22° with an initial
velocity of 15 m/s up an incline plane that makes an angle of 10° with
the horizontal. The projectile hits the incline plane at point M.

a) Find the time it takes for the projectile to hit the incline plane.

b)Find the distance OM.