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Gases, and Mixture of Gases

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Ideal Gas Equation: PV = nRT

P1V1  P1V2 Boyle's Law

V1 T1
 Charles' Law
V2 T2
P1V1 P2V2
 Combined gas equation
T1 T2
 RT P  MW 
MW   

Dalton’s Law:
Kinetic Molecular Theory
For a molecule of gas, PV  KE
For N molecules of gas,
2 N
PV  NKE  nRT  RT
3 NA
3 R 3
KE  T  kT
2 NA 2
R 23 J
where k   1.38 x10
NA molecule K
Maxwell’s Distribution of Speeds
Graham’s Law of Diffusion

A  MW B
 basis for Graham's Law
B  MW A

P  MW  a B
Recall:    
RT B A
Real Gases

V real PV
z 
V ideal RT
• Van Der Waals EOS
 n2 a 
P   V  nb   nRT
 2 
 V 

 
• Virial EOS
pVm  RT 1  B' p  C ' p2  ...
Boyle Temperature
If VDW EOS is used,

TB 
Critical Values
• Critical Temperature
the temperature of a gas above which it
cannot be liquefied whatever high pressure
is applied. Helium has the least value of Tc
• Critical Pressure
the minimum pressure that must be applied on a gas to liquefy it at its
critical temperature
• Critical Volume
the volume occupied by one mole of a gas at its critical T and P
Critical Values

a 8a
V c  3b Pc  2
Tc 
27b 27Rb
•A 20g chunk of dry ice is placed in an
empty 0.75 litre wire bottle tightly
closed what would be the final pressure
in the bottle after all CO2 has been
evaporated and temperature reaches to
•15.828 atm
•A mixture of CO and CO2 is found to
have a density of 1.50g/litre at 30°C and
730 mm. What is the composition of the
•Mole % of CO = 32.19

•Mole % of CO2 = 67.81

•The average speed of an ideal gas molecule
at 27°C is 0.3 m sec–1. Calculate average
speed at 927°C.
•u2 = 0.6 m sec–1
•Pure O2 diffuses through an aperture in
224 seconds, whereas mixture of O2 and
another gas containing 80% O2 diffuses
from the same in 234 sec. What is the
molecular weight of gas?
•m = 46.6
Seatwork Problems
Two glass bulb A and B are connected by a very
small tube of negligible volume, having stopcock.
Bulb A has a volume of 100 cm3 and contains
certain gas while bulb B is empty. On opening the
stopcock, the pressure in A fell down by 60 %.
The volume of bulb B (in mL) must be:(assume
that the temperature remains constant after

A. 200 B. 100 C. 250 D. 150

A 0.09 mol-gaseous compound is stored in 2 liter
container such that the pressure is 1.45 atm when it
is heated to 50⁰C, and 2.34 atm if the temperature
is 78 ⁰C. What is the Boyle temperature of the

A. 2700 K C. 1000 K
B. 1900 K D. 1300 K
• 1 mol of ammonia fills a 7 liter bottle at 350K.
What does the van der Waals equation predict
that the pressure will be? For ammonia a=4.17
atm L^2/mol^2 and b= 0.0371 L/mol

• Ans:4.04 atm
• One mole of gas at 300K is compressed isothermally and reversibly
from an initial volume of 10 dm3 to final volume of 0.2 dm3. Calculate
the work done on the system if the: 1) Gas is ideal; 2) the equation of
state of gas is P(Vm-b)=RT where b=0.03 dm3/mol
𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑘 𝑑𝑜𝑛𝑒 𝑜𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑔𝑎𝑠 𝑖𝑠: 𝑤 = න 𝑃𝑑𝑉

• Ans:
• 1)9.76 kJ
• 2)10.16 kJ