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Narrating Worldliness

Theories, Methods and Themes

Global Art History
Professor Monica Juneja
Global Art History

Cluster of Excellence: Asia and Europe in

a Global Context
Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural
Institut für europäische Kunstgeschichte
South Asia Institute
Contact Information
• Contact Hours: Thursday 12.00-13.00 hrs
• Room 106, KJC, Voßstr. 2, Geb. 4400

• All appointments fixed through Brigitte

Student assistants
• Eva Göttke

• Solène Gautron
Global Art History and the „Burden of Representation“: 274-297
Kunstgeschichte und kulturelle Differenz – eine Einleitung: 6-12
Williamstown, 2014
New York: Routledge, 2016
1989 was when „global art made
its entry into the world“
(H. Belting, p.182)
Cambridge Mass., MIT Press, 1989
Whole view of
the earth,
NASA Photo
Jules de Balincourt, Big Globe Painting, 2012, oil and acrylic on panel
India Pakistan Border at Night, 2011, NASA Photo Archives
Karl Woermann, Geschichte
der Kunst aller Zeiten und
Völkern, 3 vols, Leipzig 1900-
Ulrich Pfisterer,
„Origins and
Principles of World Art
History – 1900 (and
2000)“ : 69-89.

Marlite Halbertsma,
„The Many Beginnings
and the One End of
World Art History in
Germany, 1900-1933„:

Amsterdam, 2008
Franz Kugler, Handbuch der
Kunstgeschichte, 5 vols, Stuttgart 1842
Ernst Grosse, Die Anfänge der
Kunst, Freiburg 1894

English Translation, The Beginnings

of Art, New York, 1897
Josef Strzygowski (1862-1941) • Orient oder Rom?, Leipzig

• Mschatta. Die Aufnahme der

Ruine von Bruno Schulz und
Untersuchung von Josef
Strzygowski , Jahrbuch der
Königlich Preußischen
Kunstsammlungen, 25 (4),
1904: 205-373

• Ursprung der christlichen

Kirchenkunst, Leipzig 1920

• Die Krisis der Geistes-

wissenschaften, Wien 1923.
Mshatta faҫade, from Umayyad palace, Jordan, reconstruction 1932
Berlin, Museum of Islamic Art
Berlin, Museum für Völkerkunde, post card, c. 1900.
Berlin. Museum für Völkerkunde, interior hall and courtyard, from: Die Gartenlaube,
Leipzig 1887, p. 549.
Fernando Ortiz: Transculturation

• Fernando Ortiz:
Contrapunteo cubano del
tabaco y el azúcar (1940)
Cuban Counterpoint: Tobacco
and Sugar, Durham: Duke
University Press 1995.
Introduction: Fernando Coronil
Transcultural perspective – methodological
• Follow logic of objects – not fixed units
• Analyse morphologies of relationships
• Negotiate scale
• Plurality: bring on same matrix rather than
treat as discrete units
• Critical approach to epistemic foundations
April 24, 2018
Guest Lecture
Prof. Y.S. Alone

From Kanheri to
Ajanta. Locating
Early Mahayana
Caves In India
May 8, 2018
Beyond Influence
The body of the Buddha
May 15
A Mediterranean Contact-Zone
May 22
The World as Image
Tracking the Routes of Vision across
Europe and Asia
May 29
The transcultural journeys of an
affective icon
June 5, 2018
A global Renaissance
June12, 2018
Vieux-lacque and new porcelain
How mobile materiality shapes art
June 19, 2018
Modernism from the peripheries
June 26, 2018
Primitivism as a travelling concept
July 3, 2018
When art embraces the planet
The contemporary exhibition
form and the challenge of
multiple archives
July 10
Unravelling the contemporary
July 17, 2018
Negotiating scale
July 24, 2017
Excursion Stuttgart Kunstmuseum
Lecture plan
April 17 Introduction
April 24 Guest Lecture: Y. S. Alone
From Kanheri to Ajanta
May 1 Holiday
May 8 Beyond Influence. The Body of
the Buddha
May 15 A Mediterranean Contact Zone
Lecture plan (contd.)
May 22 The World as Image: Tracking the
Routes of Vision across Europe and
May 29 The Transcultural Journeys of an
Affective Icon
June 5 A Global Renaissance
June 12 Vieux-Lacque and New Porcelain.
How Mobile Materiality shapes Art
Lecture plan (contd.)
June 19 Modernism from the Peripheries
June 26 Primitivism as a Travelling Concept
July 3 When Art Embraces the Planet. The
Contemporary Exhibition Form and
the Challenge of Multiple Archives
July 10 Unravelling the Contemporary
July 17 Iconoclasm – Negotiating Scale
July 24 Excursion Kunstmuseum Stuttgart