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The Typical Development of a

Child, Age 10
Brayan, Martinez
College of Southern Nevada
EDU 220
Behaviors Recommendations for continued development

Interested in sports ● Exercise 3 times a week

● Allow child to be more independent
Participating in activities that require speed and
● Do not tease child about physical changes that
are occuring
Pubic hair can start to grow in girls at this age ● Explain to the child that the changes that are
occuring are normal
Menarche can occur in some girls as soon as age ● Talk about good nutrition and healthy eating
8 and as late as age 16 options

Increase in weight gain

Behaviors Recommendations for continued development

Hormonal changes in the body start to happen ● Help child build self esteem

Eating disorders can occur as well as self image ● Help build a good diet with child
issues ● Have an open line of communication
● Let child choose clothes he thinks he will like
Concerned with fads and new styles
● Give child privacy to an extent
Start to want privacy ● Let the child know you are there for them

Behavior problems might start

Behaviors Recommendations for continued development

Will read longer and harder material ● Start giving more advanced chores around

May start writing books if that is of interest the house

● Provide reading material that interests the
Verbal communication enhancement, more in
● Give child music lessons or in other areas
More work done independently that child likes

May show interest in a certain subject ● Tell child fact and interesting things about
subjects that peak interest
Behaviors Recommendations for continued development

Knows the difference of what is wrong and what ● Support the child when facing problems at
is correct
Interest in the opposite sex can occur ● Encourage the child when major changes
In activities same sex groups are normal
● Praise when child is doing a good job
More interested in friends and activities ● Natural separation is normal
● Encourage good friendship
Moral Characteristics and behaviors
Behaviors Recommendations for continued development

Strong moral code

● Support good decisions
Stands for what is right ● Acknowledge his efforts
● Help child make good decisions
Pays more attention to what is wrong than right
● Explain to child to take responsibility and
A conscious start to build in the child how important it is

Usually would want everything to be fair

Typical level of development

Piaget: Concrete Operational

At this stage childrens thought of mind become more complex and start to think and solve problems more logically.Kids in
this stage also to to comprehend more complex thoughts.

Erikson: Industry versus Inferiority

Children here are expected to do thing correctly and well, if they are encouraged to do this one will get Industry results.If not
and the children's efforts are not where they should be they will be left will the feeling of Inferiority.

Kohlberg: Conventional Morality

At this stage kids learn who is in charge and learn rules.They learn that there are consequences if rules are not followed,
but they like to make other people feel good.
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