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Study of T.

V viewing habits among

Student in various income group

Suraj Borade
Shubham Morya
Revannath Jadhav

• Our Research topic is study of TV viewing habits among student

in various income groups
• Research is conducted to understand the TV viewing habits of
student in various income groups
• How much time and money spend by student for watching T.V
• Which are the shows student prefer to watch
• Do they download and watch the shows of T.V
• To study the TV viewing habits of student
among different income groups
• To know the average money spend on
subscription of TV programs
• To know the time spend by student for
watching TV
• Sample size:100
• Online Survey:100
• Data Collection
Primary data
Data Analysis
18-25 25-35 Others

• Q.1 Age 22.94%



• As per survey the 18-25 age group people are 76%, 25-35 age group people are 23% and
other are of 1%,So we conclude that maximum number of respondent are from 18 to 25.
• Q.2 Gender
Female ; 42.60%

Male ; 57.40%

• As per survey 57% are Male and 43% are female the majority of male is
more as compare to female
Q.3 How often do you watch TV?
TV watching schedule
Every Day Every other day Once in week
very occasionally others




• As per survey the T.V Watching schedule in week is 66% people watch
every day,9% people watch TV every other day,10% people watch once in
week,15% people watch very occasionally. So we conclude that 66% of
people watch TV every day.
Q.4 How many hours do you watch TV?
TV watching time in Hours
Less than hour 1to2 3to4 5 and more others


6.90% 4.00%


• As per survey the T.V watching hours in day are 44% people watch 1 to 2
hours, 17% people watch 3 to 4 hours,7% are less more than 5 hours 4%
are others. So we conclude that 44% of people spend 1 to 2 hours for
watching TV.
Q.5 How much do you pay per month for your TV subscription ?

Pay for TV subscription

Less than 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 Above 500

22.10% 13.71%


• As per survey 60% of people spend Rs 200 to 300, 14% people spend
Rs100 to 200,22% spend above 500, 4% people spend less than 100.So
we conclude that 60% of people spend 200-300 Rs on TV subscription.
Q.6 What kind of TV show do you watch?
TV Show
Daily soap Reality shows News Sports Others
13.70% 20.60%



• As per survey 21% watch daily soap,27% people watch reality shows,16%
people watch news,22% people watch sports, 14% people watch others.
So we conclude that most of the people watch reality shows.
Q.7 What is the common time when you watch the TV?
Common time of watching TV
Morning Afternoon Evening Night

11.15% 19.34%


• As per survey the common timing of watching TV is 68% people watch TV

at Evening, 19% people watch at afternoon,11% people watch at
morning,2% at Night .So we concluded at that maximum people watch TV
at evening.
Q.8 What is your Parent annual income ?
Parent annual Income
1 to 3 3 to 5 5 and above

• 47.50%


• As per survey 48% people parent annual income is 1 to 3 lakhs,29%people

parent income is 3 to 5,23% people parent income is above 5 lakhs. So we
conclude that average 48% are from1 to 3 lakhs.
Q.9 Which is your first preference of watching show?

First preference of watching show

Soap Documentry Drama Comedy Game Show Dating Show

5.95% 5.95%


• As per survey 48% people watch comedy shows, 13% people watch drama
shows,15% people watch documentary,12% people watch soaps,6%
people watch dating shows,6% people watch gaming shows. So we
conclude that maximum 48% people watch comedy shows.
Q.10 Do you download TV episodes to watch?
Download TV eposide to watch
Yes No May Be



• As per survey 64% people responded yes,25% people responded No,11%

people responded May be, So we conclude that 64% of people responded
yes the download TV eposide for watching.
Q.11 What is your occupation?
Student Employee



• As per survey 96% respondent are students and 4% of respondent are

employee, So we conclude that maximum number of respondent are
Q.12 How many movies a week do you watch?
Watch movie in week
0 to 1 2 to 4 Others



• As per survey 55% of respondent watch 0-1 movie in week,.37%

respondent watch 2 to 4 movies and 8% of respondent watch others So,
we conclude that maximum 55% people watch 0 to 1 movie.
Q.13 Do you like older or more modern films/serials?
Likes of Older more modern flims/serials
Older Modern Mix No Preference

13.71% 9.81%


• As per survey 53% of respondent watch both, 23% of respondent watch

modern,10% of respondent watch older and 14% of respondent has no
preference, So we conclude that 53% of people watch both older and
modern flims and serials.
Q.14 Do you engage yourself in any other activity while watching the
Engage yourself in any other activity while watching the television
Yes No



• As per survey 64% respondent are engage in other activity 36%

respondent said no, So we conclude that 64% of people are engage in
other activity while watching TV.
Q.15 Do you watch ads on television?

Watch ads on television

Yes No



• As per survey 46% of respondent watch TV ads, 54% of respondent don’t

watch ads, So we conclude that maximum people don’t watch ads.
Finding and Conclusion
• Most of the respondent are from 18-25 age group.
• Maximum respondent are Male.
• Average respondent parent annual income is from 1 to 3 lakhs and
spend average Rs200-300 for subscription of TV channel per month.
• Around 80% of respondent watch TV in evening and night than
morning and afternoon
• Around 50% of respondent prefer comedy shows.
• Nearly 65%respodent engage themselves in other activities while
watching T.V.
• 54% of people don’t watch ads.
Thank you

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