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Vocational Education Is:
a) Education for employment: (education for work)
student follow education targeted for into personal
that ready work, and for knowing and understand
What that happen in the environment,
b) Education for employability: (education for
appropriateness work) student follow education
targeted for into power work expert that
professional, dedicated, knowing and understand
and responds with fast What that happen in the
c) Education for self-employment: (education for
employ self own) student follow education targeted
for into businessman, and for knowing, understand
and read chance business that there is in the
Following is in between understanding and aim
education vocational from various source and expert
 Education vocational is education that directed for
learn field special, So that graduate have expertise
certain as business, manufacturing, agriculture,
domesticity, automotive telecommunication,
electricity, building and so (Snedden, 1917: 8)
 Education technology and vocational is part from
education that mencatak individual so that he could
work on group certain (Evan, 1978).
 Education technology and vocational is something
program be in under organization education high
that organized for prepare participant learners enter
world work (Good, 1959).
 Vocational Education prepare student into
human Indonesia complete that capable
increase quality life, capable develop himself,
and have expertise and bravery open chance
increase income,
 Vocational Education planned for prepare
participant learners for enter world work, as
power work productive that capable create
product superior that could compete in
market global and professional have quality
moral field vocational
 Vocational Education prepare student
dominate science knowledge and technology
(Science and Technology)
Vocational Education prepare student into
power work productive between other cover:
a. Meet need power work world business and
b. Create field work for himself and for person
c. Change status student from dependency
into nation that earners (productive).
Philosophy is What that believed as something view life
and base think that diianggap right and well,
Philosophy according to Jalius Jama: 2010 cover things
as following:
a) Business in speculative for present view that
systematic and complete about reality,
b) Business describe character basic that the deepest
and real from reality,
c) Business for determine boundaries and scope
d) Investigation in critical to hypothesis,
e) Science for help someone for interpret (Purposeful
meaning) What that said and What that visits and
What that do
Vocational Education diperngaruhi by some
Flow philosophy, Following some Flow
philosophy and his role in education vocational
 Flow pragmatisme
 Flow essentialism
 Flow existentialism
 Flow liberalism
1. Flow pragmatisme
 Pragmatism that tend think in materialist and
real and think about needs world in practical
have role to education technology and
vocational that oriented on mastery skills for
meet needs world work
 Flow pragmatism with education technology
and vocational You are welcome expect
things that praktis as action real
2. Flow Esensialisme
 Flow essentialism that want knowledge back
on culture old there is in community as
culture discipline very support
implementation education technology and
vocational especially in case practice, with
culture discipline participant learners be
expected capable absorb many case because
Flow pragmatism think human as clan
transcendental that capable do own and do
creativity own close with situation in fact
 sighted that vocational education should
associate himself with other systems such as
economics, politics, labor, politics, religion
and moral
 Emphasize that education should be relevant
to the needs of both the needs of individuals,
families and the needs of various sectors and
sub-sectors, whether local, national or
3, Flow Eksistensialisme
 Memberikan contribution thought on education
technology and vocational especially in
strengthening essence
 administration experience the form practice in
education technology and vocational very
emphasized because will into stock for
participant learners before plunge to world work
 Menjadikan practice in education technology and
vocational as action estate determine fate
participant learners in world work
 sighted that vocational education should
develop the existing learners through the
facilities optimally implemented under a
dignified education, creative, innovative,
developing talents, interests and abilities of
learners, and not grab it.
4. Flow Liberalisme
 Menekankan freedom individual in empower
potency personal into must in education
technology and vocational
 Liberalism think that education constitute
effort release and increase quality self with
empower ability own
According to Theory Prosser (in presentation by
Bachtiar Hasan: 2010 title Education Vocational in
Indonesia), base philosophy education vocational
could summarized as following :
 School vocational will effective if student taught
with material, tool, machine and tasks that same
or imitation Where student will work,
 School vocational will effective only if students
introduced with situation real for thinking,
heartless, behave as case worker, in industry,
Where student will work after pass.
 School vocational will effective if student trained
directly for thinking and in regular,
 For every type work, individual should have
ability minimum order they can maintain self for
work in position mentioned,
 Education vocational will effective if help
individual for reach ambition, ability, and wish on
level that more high,
 Education vocational for something type
expertise, position and skills will effective only
be given to student that feel need, want and get
profit from to him
 Education vocational will effective if experience exercise
that do will shape custom work and thinking in regular and
really be required for increase achievement work,
 Education vocational will effective if taught by teacher and
instructor that already have experience and succeed in in
apply skills and knowledge about operation and process
work that do,
 Education vocational should understand position in
community, and situation market, train student for could
meet demand market power work and with create
condition work that more well,
 Fostering custom work that effective to student only will
happen if training be given the form work real, and not
constitute exercise sheer, (Prosserand Allen 1825)
 (1) Some view that same from philosopher,
show so that child learners learn productive;
 (2) Education vocational should developed by
people that understand and sympathetic to
education vocational, and implementation
require full facilities and trained teachers;
 (3) Education vocational constitute terminal
program, especially for people that not capable,
however corresponding with progress possible
graduate school vocational could continue as the
thinker education vocational;
 (4) Pembelajaran emphasized on trial and error,
concepts learning by doing and oriented life
skills, So that pime Frame education vocational
have proportion practice that more many, The
principle of democratic and open education;
 (8) PWhat Knowledge-knowledge can be
obtained through the application ideas that
already exist by tracing the relationship of
these ideas. Learners must experience the
learning process, based on real experience;
 (9) Svocational ekolah must develop local
potential into comparative advantages.