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Tamil Thoughts
Lenin Revolution
When we hear about Russian Revolution, the first
person comes to our mind is Lenin. Yes, today Tamil
Thoughts is going to talk about Lenin Revolution (Russian
Revolution), how and why did the Russian Revolution
happen and how Vladimir Lenin won the Revolution.

Lenin took the oath that he will free Russia, who was
the slave of Tsar Government for 23 generations and make
Russia a Socialist country. That was the time when all the
wealthy people, Industrialists and landowners were
flattering with Tsar King. At the time, no one had the guts to
stand against Tsar King, One and Only the “Great Lenin”
stood and transformed Russia into a socialist country.
Lenin's Birth:
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) was the
youngest child to Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov and
Maria Alexandrovna Blank, who was born on 18
April 1870. He was born in a poor family and was
very active in his youth and also very naughty.
Lenin History:
At a point of time, Lenin accepted his
mother’s advice and changed himself. He did
exactly same as what his brother Alexander did.
Whenever Alexander asked for coffee, he also
asked. If he asked for Tea, Lenin also asked for tea.
If the Alexander ran by the bank of the river, Lenin
also used to follow him. Alexander was not
interested to visit the churches and to study the
Bible, so Lenin also decided not to do so.
Lenin Political Knowledge:
Once Alexander was reading books about “Russian Politics”,
Lenin sat next to him and asked questions related to Russian Politics.
Alexander patiently taught him everything about:
 Russia.
 Tsar King’s Family who was ruling Russia for few decades of years.
 Tsarist Regime who was enslaving the Russians by saying that they
 the poor people/economy in Russia.
 poverty in Russia.
 how workers get squeezed like sugarcane.
 Suppression by Tsarist Russia.

Vladimir Lenin, who got to know about Russian politics,

began to learn a lot about Russian Politics.
Vladimir’s Lenin Time of Difficulties:
On January 1886, Vladimir Lenin was getting into his 16th
birthday. Vladimir's father, Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, died suddenly; it
was a disaster for the whole family. The whole family was deeply sad.
Before getting out of this tragedy, another tragedy too came. Alexander
was hanged to death on March 8, 1888 for an attempt of killing the Tsar
King .Sitting in his brother’s room, Lenin realized that he is going to live
his life alone.
 There is no one to guide.
 Father is not there.
 Brother is not there.
 I will definitely fulfill my brother's dream.
 Russia will become the world's greatest nation.
 I will do whatever I can.
Vladimir started to transform to Lenin.
The Cruelties in Tsar’s rule:
 There was no voting right for common citizen in Russia under the
Tsars leader.
 Army, Police, Church and Industry are controlled by Tsar Government.
 All the great people and the wealthy people have taken over the Tsar
King side for their self gain.
 Another name for people was “Salves” under Tsarist Russia.
 When buying or selling lands, along with the land they will include
the slaves who work in that land.
 It is not required to pay for the slaves (no wages for the people who
were working on the land)
 Slaves were treated as movable assets.
 People (slaves) were sold to one another, like sheep and cows.
 Whoever stands against Tsar King or do anything against them will be
imprisoned without any prior notice.
Lenin Study Period:
In this situation Lenin was preparing for his final
schooling. Everything in his mind was to study well, to get
high marks and join a law college. The only dream which he
had to bring down the Tsarist regime by law. As expected,
the dream had come true.
The final results were published. Lenin was the
topper in all the subjects. Instead of giving a trophy to
Lenin, he was blamed for being the brother of a criminal
who was hanged to death and was denied to get his award.
After a great struggle, the school was ready to give him the
conduct certificate. He finally became a law student at
Kazan University.
Three demands were made at Kazan
University by Lenin:
 Cancel the laws against students
 Allow all the students to return back to college, who were dismissed
for unknown reasons.
 Lecturers should stop spying on students.
The university campus refused to do so. "If the college which
teaches us law is not following the law, then how can we study that
law college? We do not need such education." Because of this Lenin
was expelled from the college.
Within next few days, Lenin and his friends were arrested by
the police. One of the police said, “Why is this struggle for? The Tsar
government is like a china wall and you cannot break it". “Hmm!
Understood. But it is an old wall. Which we do not need to break,
instead, just pushing it will be enough to destroy it. Just wait and see.”
Lenin said.
Within few days he was released from prison. “Is it that only in
college I can study and get a degree?” With the help of his friends and
relatives, he bought bundle of books and began to study.
He started studying about the topics like Politics, History, Economy, Law,
Literature, and more; He started to study in the early morning as soon
as get up and open his eyes.
In 1891, at the age of 21, Lenin wrote his exam directly at the
university. At that time no one used to pass if they attend the exam
directly in the University. But Lenin not only passed, he became the
topper also.
Political Life:
Lenin who passed the law education did not go for work as a lawyer. His
intention was:
 Slavery should be avoided
 Equality to workers
 Exploitation of Workers Right should be prevented
 Workers should be paid
 Finally, to fulfil his brother's dream

But all the workers were working eighteen hours just for food.
They lived as slaves without their own control. So, he explains a short
story to the workers.
Let's see how a lion is sharing the food that has been hunted. The lion
first divided the food into four pieces while other animals were waiting.
 The lion took the first piece, because lion had hunted the prey. That’s
a right thing to do.
 The lion took the second piece also. The reason is that he is the king
of the forest.
 It took the third piece also. It is because, he is the strongest animal
among all the other animals.
 The fourth piece supposed to be given to other animals. Can other
animals ask the lion to give them their share? No other animal
(Workers/Slavery) has the guts to ask their share.
This was the Reason for the Revolution. There after Lenin became the
leader of the working people.
The Beginning of the Lenin Revolution
(threats to the Tsar regime):
 For turning the workers against the Tsar King, Lenin got
 The letters which came to him while he was in prison, was
issued after a strict valuation.
 All the workers joined the protest to release Lenin from
 Factories were shut down as the part of the protest.
 Not only this, for the first time all college students
together joined in the protest.
Civil War and First World War:
 There was no peace for people at home.
 All the factories were shutdown.
 People were unemployed and struggled for food
 Agriculture processes were not going well so there was
food shortage.
 The financial situation of country was very bad.
In this situation Russia has launched a war against Germany.
Russian troops had serious damages. Tsar did not give the necessary
facilities to the soldiers for the war. No proper food. No proper
medicines. As the weather was so cold, the soldiers didn’t get proper
woollen clothes to wear. Lenin took the advantages of this situation.

Lenin started to bring the soldiers in his direction. “Who are

you fighting for? Would you like to lose your life for this unwanted
war? Think of it, heroes”, Lenin said. All the soldiers started to retreat.
At the same time young people refused to join the army. The remaining
residents ignored the king of Tsar.
The King of Russia - Tsar's Difficulties (Vladimir
Lenin accomplishments):

 Failed in Civil War

 Shamed because of loss of power.
 The remaining soldiers started disrespecting Tsar and
resigned from their duties just threw their uniforms and
joined with the people against to Tsar Government.

Overall, Tsarist regime has collapsed.

The New Regime Led by Lenin:

 Nationalize the land

 Seize the Estates.
 The Seized lands will be controlled by farmers.
 Create new farms for farmers.
 To link all the banks. Formation of national bank.
 Workers will control the production and distribution of
 Abolishing of slavery and serfdom
The Lenin's Goal:

 No one in Russia should even think about bloodshed.

 They should think only about sweat.
 To construct a new state.
 Industries should start again.
 People should know what the government is.
 In USSR only peace should be there.

Lenin was ready. It was the new beginning

of Soviet.

“Lenin Revolution was the seed for Indian Independence”.

When British soldiers came to take Bhagat Singh to hang.
Bhagat Singh told them to wait a little, because he was reading
Vladimir Lenin's book – ‘The State and Revolution by Lenin’. He
said, "A revolutionary is talking to another revolutionary, please
wait a little." Even when Bhagat Singh was about to be hanged, in
his last breath also he was so curious in reading Lenin’s book.
Then just imagine how powerful Lenin’s book is.
Instead of just living and dying. We should also make
some Revolution in our life so that people will look up to you
Thank you for your time