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TOPIC 1 ASTORY Anak + In groups of 3 students act out a story,it can be a modified well- known story or a made up story. + They should use relevant language appropriately. + Important to be very creative! Students are expected to USE THE VOCABULARY and GRAMMAR from Units 7,8,9 and PICTURES or PPT for their presentation. Topic 2 @ A celebration f - Create a conversation with a partner in which you and your partner describe and talk about your favorite holiday or festival through a poster or PPT. + Explain why and how it is celebrated and give details. + Express your feeling about it. Students are supposed to use VOCABULARY and GRAMMAR from Unit 7,8,and g, and include as many details as possible. Topic 3 a, Job Interview @ +IN PAIRS, students are going to perform a CONVERSATION in which you develop a job interview following the steps from Pg.124 +Talk about their dream job: its advantages, disadvantages, and requirements (qualities and abi A Students are expected to use COMPLETE SENTENCES, VOCABULARY and GRAMMAR FROM UNIT 7,8,and 9.