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What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy Originates with the
Thermonuclear Fusion Reactions
Occurring in The Sun. The Spectrum
of Solar Light at The Earth's Surface
is Mostly Spread Across the Visible
and Near Infrared Ranges with a
Small Part in the Ultraviolet
Solar Energy as a Resource.
Solar Energy is Increasingly Being
Used as a Resource in The Following
- Architecture and Urban Planning.
- Agriculture and Horticulture.
- Heating, Cooling and Ventilation.
- Cooking.
- Fuel Production.
Solar Energy as a Resource.
- Producing Electricity using Solar
Thermal Solar Energy-
Using Solar Energy for Heating Fluids
which can be used as a Heat Source or
to Run Turbines to Generate Electricity.
Photovoltaic Solar Energy-
Using Solar Energy for the Direct
Generation of Electricity using
Photovoltaic Phenomenon.
Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)
Photo + Voltaic = Convert Light into
Photovoltaic Comes from the Words
Photo, Meaning Light and Volt, a
Measurement of Electricity.
Photovoltaic Electricity is Obtained by
using Photovoltaic System.
A Basic Photovoltaic
System Consists of
Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)
A Solar PV System Generally
Consists of Photovoltaic Modules
“Solar Panels".
Solar PV Components are-
1- Solar Panel
2- Battery
3- Regulator
4- Load
Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)
Installed as An Array (Series of
Panels), On a Rooftop to Generate
Electricity to be Used By The Home
and Business.
Solar Panel-
Solar Panel is an Indispensable
Component of This System.
Solar Panel is Responsible to Collect
Solar Radiations and Transform in into
Electrical Energy.
Solar Panel is an Array of Several Solar
Cells (Photovoltaic Cells).
-Highest Efficient Module till now
with Efficiency Between 13-21%.
- Commonly Available in the Market.
- Greater Heat Resistance.
- No Air or Water Pollution.
- Provide Electricity to Remote Places.
- Consumes no Fuel.
- Powered by the Sun.
- Wide Power-Handling Capabilities.
- Little Maintenance Once Installed.
- Can Last a Lifetime.
- Generating Electrical Power.
- Expensive to Installation.
- High Amount of Silicon.
- Costly Equipment.
- Reliability Depends On Location
Environmental Impact of PV Cell
- Doesn’t Work at Night.
So, Why we Use Solar Power?
With the Amount of Solar Energy
The Planet Receives we Have The Potential
to Provide at Least 1,000 Times the Energy
Consumed Globally.
On a Sunny Day The Sun Gives Off 1,000
Watts of Energy to The Earth’s Surface Per
Square Meter.
So, Why Solar Power?
Sunlight is Infinite, Unlike Many of
our Other Energy Sources.
Environmental Concerns/Reduce Carbon
Save Money on Electric Bills.
General Interest in New Technologies.
Benefits of Solar in Our
Home & Business?
- Electricity from Solar.
- Solar Photovoltaic (PV).
- Heat from Solar.
- Passive Solar.
- Solar Water Heater.
- Solar Air Heater.
Current Solar Energy Usage-
- PV Power Plants.
- Solar Water Heater.
- Generate On/Off Grid Electricity Using
Solar Cell.
- Generate Electricity for Home and
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