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Best Coaching App - Adjectives

An adjective is a word that qualifies a noun or a pronoun.

Rohan is a handsome boy.
She is beautiful.
In the above sentences handsome and beautiful are giving us information about rohan and she respectively.

Adjectives can be used in two ways-
When an adjective is followed by a noun then it represents attributive use of adjective.
Eg. - He is a brave soldier.
Here soldier is noun and brave is adjective.

When a verb is followed by an adjective then it represents predicative use of adjective.
Eg. - He is brave.
Is -verb
Brave- adjective
1. Descriptive adjective
These are the adjectives that show quality of a person.
He is popular.
She is miserly.

2. Demonstrative adjectives
These adjectives point out to the persons/things.
This, that, these, those
This book is mine.
These sweets are tasty.
That girl is beautiful.
3. Adjectives of quantity
These adjectives show how much of a thing is meant.
Eg. -some,much,little,enough,sufficient,no,whole etc.
Some rice
Little patience
Sufficient milk
No sense
Adjectives of number-
These are of two types-
(a) Definite numeral adjectives
These denote exact no. of things/persons or order of things/persons.
Ten balloons
Third chapter

(b) Indefinite numeral adjectives

These instead of denoting exact no. of things/persons just give the idea of the number of things/persons.
Few. some, many, several,all etc.
Many people
Few question
Several persons
Definite numeral adjectives are further of two
(a) Cardinal adjectives
These denote exact no. like one, two, three etc.
There are twenty eggs in the basket.
I am having five chocolates.

(b) Ordinal adjectives

These denote exact order of things or persons
Find errors if any:
1. Second chapter of this book is very tough.
2. Fourth row from right is vacant.
3. The two last seats of bus are vacant.
4. The three first chapters of this book are easy.
We always use article ”the” with ordinal adjectives. No such rule exist for cardinal adjectives.
The second chapter of this book is very tough.
The fourth row from right is vacant.

If both cardinal and ordinal adjective come in a single sentence then we always write ordinal first
and then cardinal adjective.
The last two seats of bus are vacant.
The first three chapters of this book are easy.
Degrees of Comparison
An adjective comes in three degrees-
(a)Positive degree-when there is no comparison.
Harish is tall.
Seema is beautiful.

(b)Comparative degree-when there is comparison between two people or two things.

Harish is taller than shyam.
Seema is more beautiful than reema.

(c)Superlative degree-when there is comparison between one Vs all.

Harish is the tallest of all the boys.
Seema is the most beautiful girl of class.
Some positive ,comparative and superlative degree adjectives are given below-
Positive Comparative Superlative
Wise Wiser Wisest
Able Abler Ablest
Fit Fitter Fittest
True Truer Truest
Noble Nobler Noblest
Grey Greyer Greyest
Dry Drier Driest
Pretty Prettier Prettiest
Wet Wetter Wettest
Bold Bolder Boldest
Fine Finer Finest
Some adjectives are changed to comparative and superlative degree by adding more and most to them
Positive Comparative Superlative
Popular More popular Most popular
Powerful More powerful Most powerful
Pleasant More pleasant Most pleasant
Courageous More courageous Most courageous
Some adjectives do not follow any specific rules.-
Positive Comparative Superlative
Near Nearer nearest/next
Much/many more most
Old older/elder oldest/eldest
Late later/latter last/latest
good/well better best
Little less/lesser least
bad/ill worse worst
Find errors if any:
1. She is most beautiful girl i have ever seen.
2. He is tallest boy of my class.
3. She is not as more beautiful as her mother.
4. She is as better as her father.
5. Ziya is abler of the two sisters.
6. This boy is taller of the two.
7. Which is the longest river,the ganga or the yamuna ?
8. The board is more longer than wider.
9. She is smarter than more courageous.
10. We are comparatively safer here.
11. I am relatively better today.
12. Raman runs comparatively faster than sohan.
Rule no.-1
“The” is used with superlative degree.
She is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.
He is the tallest boy of my class.

Rule no.-2
We always use comparative degree with “than”.
The USA is more powerful than any other country.
She is more courageous than her sister.
Its vice versa is not necessary(with every comparative degree “than” is not necessary.)
I am not feeling better

Rule no.-3
Positive degree of adjective comes with the following words-
(a) so……….as
(b) as……….as
She is not so beautiful as her mother.
She is as good as her father.
Rule no.-4
We use “the” with comparative degree but “ of the two ” should be there in the sentence or selection has to be
made in the sentence.
Ziya is the abler of two sisters.
This boy is the taller of the two.
Which is the longer river,the ganga or the yamuna ?

Rule no.-5
While comparing two qualities of a noun or pronoun with each other, don't use “er” format.
Always use- More + positive degree
The board is more long than wide.(here both length and width are the qualities of board).
She is more beautiful than courageous.

Rule no.-6
We always use positive degree with comparatively and relatively.
Comparative and superlative degree can’t be used with these words.
comparatively/relatively+positive degree
We are comparatively safe here.
I am relatively well today.
Raman runs comparatively fast than sohan.
Find errors if any:
1. This house is by far better than that.
2. His performance was very better than Mohan’s.
3. India is far the most beautiful country of the world.
4. Sachin is more popular than any cricketer.
5. Sachin more popular than any footballer.
6. Mohini is taller than any boy in her class.
7. Mohini is taller than any girl in her class.
8. My bungalow is two times bigger than yours
9. The economy of our country got worse and unstable.
10. He is the most talented but less known writer in the group.
11. Your first impression is more everlasting
12. This is the most perfect picture that I have ever taken.
Rule no.-7
In order to intensify the sentences we use-
(a)far/much with comparative degree
(b)By far with superlative degree
This house is far better than that.
His performance was much better than mohan’s.
India is by far the most beautiful country of the world.

Rule no.-8
If we compare a noun with all other of same group or class than any other is used to exclude the noun.
Sachin is more popular than any other cricketer.(sachin is also a cricketer so to exclude sachin from all other
cricketers we have to use other in the sentence.)
Sachin more popular than any footballer.(in this case sachin is not footballer so we don't use other in such
Mohini is taller than any boy in her class.
Mohini is taller than any other girl in her class.
Rule no.-9
We can't use comparative degree with “times”.
My bungalow is two times bigger than yours.-wrong
My bungalow is two times as big as yours.-right

Rule no.-10
When two adjectives are used for a single noun and if both of them are connected with a conjunction, they
should be in same degree.
The economy of a country got worse and more unstable.
He is the most talented but least known writer.

There are certain adjectives that can’t be used in comparative and superlative form-
Your first impression is more everlasting-wrong
Your first impression is everlasting-right

1. This is the perfect picture that I have ever taken.

Find errors if any:
1. She is junior than me.
2. He is superior than us in all respect.
3. She is junior and more courageous than me.
4. I have a pretty,small,pink, round shaped,mexican,ruby.
5. The blind has sticks with them.
6. The aged is living in old age homes.
7. Blessed is the meek.
8. 8.(a) Ram was/(b) senior to/(c) Sam in college.(d) NO ERROR
Rule no.-11
There are certain adjectives with which” to” is used and not “than”-
Superior, inferior, prior, anterior, posterior, junior, senior.
She is junior than me-wrong
She is junior to me-right
Rule no.-12
If different words are needed with different adjectives, suitable words are used with each of them.
She is junior to and more courageous than me.
She is as beautiful as if not more than her mother.
Rule no.-13
If there are different type of adjectives are present in a single sentence then the order of the adjectives should be-
I have a pretty,small,round shaped,pink,mexican,ruby.
Pretty -opinion
Small -size
Round -shape
Pink -colour, Mexican -origin
Rule no.-14
The +adjective-plural common noun -plural verb
And with plural common nouns we use plural verb.
The blind have sticks with them.
The aged are living in old age homes.
Blessed are the meek.
Uses of Little, A little and The little:- Use of Few, A few and The few:
Always used for uncountable nouns. Always used with countable nouns
Little :- hardly any , almost none Few:-hardly any,almost none
Eg:- there is little juice in the jug. Eg:- Sham read few books.
Eg:- Ram has little work to do. Eg:- Rashmi need few documentary projects.
A Little:- Small quantity, some but not much A Few:- Small quantity, some but not many
Eg:- A little freedom is necessary for kids. Eg:- I requested him to bring me a few books.
The Little:- Not Much but all that is available Eg:- Shamita read a few books of history.
Eg:- I hope you will be contended with the little The Few:- Not many but all that are available
wine left wine in the jar.
Eg:- The few days left I passed in her company were
Eg:- Rama spent the little money she had.. exciting.
Eg:- I hope the few moments we had were
Use Many, Much
Many used for countable Noun
Much used for uncountable noun
Some used in affirmative sentences.
with countable nouns to show no.
with uncountable nouns to show quantity.
She have some juice.
I have some colleagues.
Some is also used in interrogative sentences where the answers are expected in yes.
Could you lend me some pens?
Did you buy some clothes?
Would you like to have some coffee?
Any used in negative sentences.
She does not have any oranges.
Any is also used in interrogative sentences where the answers are expected in no.
Have you bought any mangoes?

Some adjectives are given below-

Noun Adjectives
Accident Accidental
Length Long
Danger Dangerous
Intelligence Intelligent
Offence Offensive
Problems based on adjectives
1) (a)He reached airport on time/(b)but garima left for london /(c)few minutes earlier./(d)NO ERROR
2) (a)You are not at all junior/(b) than her in terms of/(c)getting promotion/(d)NO ERROR
3) (a)She is the/(b)most bravest girl i /(c)have ever seen./(d)NO ERROR
4) (a)Of all the girls in/(b)the village she is/(c)the better /(d)NO ERROR
5) (a)Reema and sheena are best/(b)friends. The later is /(c)very hardworking. /(d)NO ERROR
6)(a)The two last rows/(b)of the hall were /(c)vacant for the persons with disabilities /(d)NO ERROR
7)(a)On her next birthday/(b)i am going to send her /(c)much chocolates of dairy milk. /(d)NO ERROR
8)(a)The chances of his passing the exam /(b)are more better than riya /(c)as he is very laborious /(d)NO
9) (a)The brain drain problem explains that/(b)much students are migrating to developed countries for/(c)better
job opportunities. /(d)NO ERROR
10) (a)You are senior than most of/(b)the professors of this college/(c)and still you are behaving like a child.
Problems based on adjectives
11) (a)I always prefer reading than/(b)playing games as i/(c)am a bookworm. /(d)NO ERROR
12) (a)We are enough strong/(b)to face each and/(c)every problem of our life. /(d)NO ERROR
13) (a)We don’t have strength/(b)enough to challenge /(c)them. /(d)NO ERROR
14) (a)My all friends /(b)are going to manali for river rafting /(c)this weekend /(d)NO ERROR
15)(a)Mohan can speak/(b)no less than/(c)five languages. /(d)NO ERROR
16) (a)Most of the teenagers consider/(b)looks superior than /(c)moral values. /(d)NO ERROR
17) (a)The tiny, pink, round shaped,/(b)lockett was gifted to her by/(c)her inlaws. /(d)NO ERROR
18) (a)The house she is presently/(b)living in is five times bigger than the house /(c)she left for her new job.
Previous years questions of adjectives
1.(a) The two first to arrive/(b) were the lucky recipients/(c) of a surprise gift/(d) NO ERROR
2.(a) The manager wanted to know who had arrived/(b) early that day/(c) the cashier or the accountant/(d) NO
3.(a) In that wholesale shop/(b) they do not sell/(c) fewer than ten bags of rice/(d) NO ERROR
4.(a) I found/(b) the two first chapters of the book/(c) particularly interesting./(d) NO ERROR
5.(a) Of all the models/(b) Jessica is/(c) the more good-looking one./(d) NO ERROR
6.(a) The railways have made/(b) crossing the tracks/(c) a punished offence./(d) NO ERROR
7.(a) He/(b) is junior than/(c) all his friends./(d) NO ERROR
8.(a) Ram was/(b) senior to/(c) Sam in college.(d) NO ERROR
9.(a) In his old age,/(b) a person is likely to get/(c) more weak day by day./(d) NO ERROR
10.(a) That was/(b) the most unique opportunity/(c) he got in his life./(d) NO ERROR
11.(a) Shelley is/(b) superior than byron/(c) in his vision of democracy./(d) NO ERROR
12.(a) The hindu is/(b) most popular, than any other/(c) newspaper in India./(d) NO ERROR
Previous years questions of adjectives
13.(a) Miss Rama devi has/(b) two elephants,ten horses/(c) and as much as fifty cars./(d) NO ERROR
14.(a) Though we both are of the same height/(b) you are more heavier/(c) than I./(d) NO ERROR
15.(a) As an artist/(b) Raju is as good,/(c) if not better than, Ramesh./(d) NO ERROR
16.(a) The two last/(b) chapters of the book/(c) are very interesting./(d) NO ERROR
17.(a) His composition/(b) is inferior/(c) than mine./(d) NO ERROR
18.(a) Mango, the most unique fruit/(b) is available in India/(c) in plenty/(d) NO ERROR
19.(a) You are/(b) more beautiful/(c) than her./(d) NO ERROR
20.(a) He feels his troubles/(b) as much or/(c) even more than they./(d) NO ERROR
21.(a) These days,jobs opportunities are not as better/(b) as they used to be in/(c) the early 70’s./(d) NO ERROR
22.(a) John is working very hardly/(b) as the examinations/(c) are fast approaching./(d) NO ERROR
23.(a) The circulation of The Statesman/(b) is greater than/(c) that of any newspaper./(d) NO ERROR
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