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Hill's Team Leadership Model

• It provides the leader or a designated team

member with a mental road map to help
diagnose team problems, and then take
appropriate action to correct team problems
The Four Layers or Steps in the Team Leadership Model

• Top layer
Effective team performance begins with leader’s mental
model of the situation and then determining if the
situation requires Action or Monitoring?
• Second Layer
Is it at an Internal or External leadership level?
• Third layer
Is it Task, Relational, or an Environmental intervention?
• Bottom layer
Correctly performing the above three steps create
high Performance
through Development and Maintenance functions
Team Leadership Function Interventions
External Environmental
Internal Task Functions Functions
• Internal Task Functions: • Network to increase influence and
• Focus on goals by clarifying and/or getting agreement gather information
• Restructure plans, processes, roles, etc. in order to
gain desired results (process improvement) • Advocate by representing your
• Guide the decision-making process so that better team so that it shows them at their
information is obtained, coordination is better, best
focusing on issues, etc.
• Get support for your team by
• Train members through both formal and
informal means gathering resources and
• Assess performance an confront when necessary recognition for your team
• Internal Relationship Functions • Buffer the team from
• Coach team members environmental distractions
• Use more collaborative methods to involve all team
members (this surveyincludes questions to
• Assess the environment through
determine if the environment is collaborative) surveys and other performance
• Manage conflict indicators to determine its impact
• Build commitment and esprit de corps through the on the organization
use of ethos leadership
• Share information with the team
• Satisfy team members' needs
• Model what you expect from your team members