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• Find and underline the use of “to be” and “to

have” from the following text!
My name is Jack Martin and I’m crazy about
computers. I'm always in front of the monitor. My
little sister, Judy, is stupid. She has computer classes
at school, but she’s not interested. Daddy is
different. He has a laptop and it is always in his car.
It is a smart computer, but it has no Internet access.
Mum always gets angry when I sit in my room on
my PC all day. But the Internet and the games are so
much fun! Frank, my brother, always brings some
strategy game home. Of course Mum has a
computer in her office too! Well, life is hard for a
Put in have/has or be in the correct
• Q: The laptop ..... in the car.
• A: The laptop is in the car.
a. Jack has a computer in his room.
b. Mother is in her office every weekday.
c. The students have computer classes on Mondays.
d. Peter ................ no Internet access at home.
e. The children ............... in front of the monitor because
there .................. an exciting program online.
f. The school ................ no CDs with games.
g. Now we ................ a new cartridge but the paper
................ out.
Find the Pronoun
A : Jack, Judy! Dinner is ready. Where is Jack? Is he sitting
in front of his PC again? Isn't he hungry?
B : He is with his friend, Peter. They are installing a
A : Judy? Are you turning into a computer freak too?
B : But Mum, he is only helping Peter.
A : Yes, and he is never at home. His room is full of
instruction books, spare parts, cables. And of course he
has no time to repair my keyboard, clean my mouse or
buy a new cartridge for the printer.
B : Mummy, don't be angry! Boys will be boys!
Put the verbs into the correct form.
• I (like) lemonade very much.
• The girls always (listen) to pop music.
• Janet never (wears) jeans.
• Mr Smith (teaches) Spanish and French.
• she (do) your homework after school.
Make negative sentences.
• My father makes breakfast. → my father does not
make breakfast
• They are eleven. → they are not eleven
• She writes a letter. → she does not write a letter
• I speak Italian. →I do not speak Italian
• Danny phones his father on Sundays. → Danny
does not phone his father on Sundays
Make questions.
• you / to speak / English →do you speak English? Yes,
you do
• when / he / to go / home →When does he go home?
• they / to clean / the bathroom →do they clean the
bathroom? Yes, They do
• where / she / to ride / her bike →where does she ride
her bike?
• Billy / to work / in the supermarket →does billy work in
the supermarket? Yes, He does
Rewrite the sentences with the correct
verb of present tense
1. John study Math in the library
2. Rina and her family goes to beach every weekends
3. Yahya come to Indonesia
4. Hasan and I goes to America
5. The government make some new rules for all drivers
6. A lecturer teach her students in the class
7. The school provide a scholarship for smart students
8. We does our duties at the office
9. The students gives some books to the school’s library
10. A goat eat grass in the field
Match the words with the pictures
5. PDA
Choose the correct definition for the words below!
1. Application A. A window that opens and asks
you questions.
2. Clicking
B. A font style that makes letters
3. Bold and words darker.
4. Desktop C. The screen you see first when
your computer turns on. This
5. Dialogue Box screen has many icons.
D. Another word for a program or
E. Pointing to something on the
screen and then pushing the
button on the mouse.