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Mohan Raj S
• Components of FMRE
• FMRE Business Process
• FMRE Hierarchy
• Cost Management
• Asset Management
• Material Management
Components of FMRE
• Facilities Management
Manage Facilities and Properties with Customer Specific Needs.
The Components are Asset, Maintenance, Space, Condition Assessment.
• Real Estate Management
Track and Mange Leased and Owned Properties. The Components
are Leases, Transactions ,Real Estate data, Utilities and Energy
• Portfolio Management
It is to Organize the Current and Future portfolio structure of real
Estate Properties. Ex:Space demand, Capital Expansion, Warranty Tracking
• Cost Management
It involves Cost Control and Cost transactions.Ex: Set annual Budgets for
Buildings, Facilities etc.,
FMRE Business Process
Cost Management Facilities Management
 Annual Budget  Space Assignments
 Budget Changes-FM  Move Work Orders
 Budget Transfers-FM  Room Reservations
 Facility Requests for Bid RE Transaction Management
 Purchase Orders-FM  Prospective Properties
 Invoices-General Spends-FM  Property Acquisitions
 Invoices-Generic-FM  Property Dispositions
Asset Management
 Assets
 Assets Creator
 Asset Templates
 Meters
FMRE Business Process
Maintenance Management Lease Management
 Preventive Work Orders  Leases
 Corrective Work Orders  New Lease Requests
 PM Book Templates  Lease Termination
 PM Books  Lease Amendment Requests
 Job Plans  Lease Actions
 Meters  Lease Payments
 Facility Inspections  Lease Invoices
Material Management  CAM Reconciliation
 Material SKUs Master
 Material Requests for CWO
 Material Requests for PWO
 Materials Received
FMRE Business Process
RE Data Management Energy Management
 Parcels  LEED Realized Benefits
 Deeds  LEED Certification Levels
 Permits  LEED Certifications
 Titles  Emissions
 Easements  Water Meter
 Property Taxes  Waste Generation
 Real Estate Payments  Recycling
 Certificate of Insurance  Energy Meter
 Carbon Footprint
FMRE Hierarchy
Region Creation
Site Creation Under Region
Building Creation Under Site
Building Creation in Shell
Cost Management – Annual Budget
Budget Change - FMRE
Budget Transfer - FMRE
Purchase Order FMRE
PO Amendments
Invoices Generic
Invoices General Spends
Asset Management – Assets Creator
Assets Creation
Material Management – Material SKU Master
Material Inventory Manager
Material Inventory Manager Sheets