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December 13th, 2018

*Math – We will take the MI on Monday. This is just for

Math: No assigned homework this week, but
baseline data. We will be reviewing all skills and also taking our
pre-test for Fractions next week. When we return in January we you will earn extra DOJO points for getting on
will begin our big fraction unit. Dreambox or Khan Academy for extra practice.
* Reading –We will be watching Wonder on Monday.
If your child is on Lexia or Reading Plus, please
* Writing –We will finish transferring our animal writing onto have them work on this at home.
our paper for our Class Ecosystem books. We will be working on
informational writing in the 3rd nine weeks.
Read 20 minutes/night
* Social Studies– We will finish our Westward Expansion
Unit in Social Studies. We will be learning about Lewis and Clark,
The War of 1812, Oregon Trail, The Alamo, Gold Rush, and impact
on Native Americans. We learned about the Louisiana Purchase
Study for Westward Expansion test.
this past week. Our test will be Wednesday, December 19th. * Study guide is in your child’s binder, but
needs to stay in there to complete in class!
*In January we will begin our Water and Weather unit in Science.

• Our Winter Party will be on Friday, Dec 14th. * Dec. 10th – B - Art
D – PE
• Important Dates: * Dec. 11th - B – Music
• Please wear blue shirts on the day you D – PE
are going on the field trip STEM Lab
• Tuesday 12/17 – ½ Class to Youth Museum
– Mrs. McGaffic’s group * Dec. 12th - B - PE
• Wednesday 12/18 – ½ Class to Youth D - Art
Museum – Mrs. Turco’s group * Dec. 13th - B - PE
• Thursday 12/19 – Early Release D - Music
• Friday 12/20 – Early Release * Dec. 14th - B - Art
D - PE