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Managerial Ethics and Social Responsibility

Ms. Hina Amin

Prepared by Sharjeel 1
Managerial Ethics

Ethics - is the code of moral principles and values that governs the
behaviors of a person or group with respect to what is right or wrong.

Managerial Ethics - A set of principles and rules dictated by upper

management that define what’s right and wrong in an organization.

Manager is a person who works with his/her sub-ordinates to accomplish

goals/tasks in an organization.

Prepared by Sharjeel 2
Managerial Ethics

 Managerial ethics is a guideline that helps direct a lower manager's decisions in the scope of his or her
job when a conflict of values is presented.

 Managers are responsible for upholding the ethical code and helping others to do so as well.
 Manager bring specific personality and behavioral traits to the job.
 Manager must deal with these dilemmas that fall squarely in the domain of ethics.

 Manager should use a leadership style that encourages interpersonal relationships and cooperation.

 Manager creates a team out of his people, through decisions on pay, placement, promotion, and
through his communications with the team.

 Managers monitor the behavior of employees in accordance with the organization's expectations of
appropriate behavior.

Prepared by Sharjeel 3
Managerial Ethics

Remember, as a manager in your

organization, how you behave and
communicate is the basis on which
others will judge you. If you act
ethically and require the same of
others, you represent your company
well and position yourself as
someone your employees can
respect. There is no better way to
attract and retain good employees
than to have the respect of those you
interact with every day.

Prepared by Sharjeel 4
Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a
duty every individual has to
perform so as to maintain a
balance between the
economy and the

Prepared by Sharjeel 5
As business perspective
The obligation of organization
management to make
decisions and take actions
that will enhance the welfare
and interests of society
as well as the organization.

All business enterprises should continue to earn money by carrying on business, but it is obligatory for them to take
care of society, and pay back in return, by assuming social responsibilities.

Prepared by Sharjeel 6
Social Responsibility

 It means being a good corporate citizen.

 It means distinguishing right from wrong and doing the right thing.
 It is obligatory for organizations, to be equally beneficial for the society as well.

 It refers to the obligation of an organization to act according to the objectives and values that are
desirable in a society.

 The concept of social responsibility, is that of ethics.

 It is voluntary in nature.

Prepared by Sharjeel 7
Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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