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What is Present Perfect Tense?

Present Perfect is a tenses that used to

describe an activity that has been performed
at this time.
For example “ I have studied English ” She has
been beautiful since she was child
The kinds of Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect is divided into two kinds :

1. Nominal Sentence
(Using Auxiliary Verb Have/Has + Been)
2. Verbal Sentence
(Using Verb 3)
Present Perfect Form

1. Verbal Form

Sentence Form Example

Positive We have studied 

Negative We have not studied 
S+Have/Has Not+v3+O

Interrogative Have/Has+s+v3+O? Have we studied 

English ?
Present Perfect Form
2. Nominal Form

Sentence Form Example

Positive She has been beautiful
(noun,adj,adv) since she was child
S+have/Has+not+been She has not been
Negative +(noun,adj,adv) beautiful since she was
Interrogative (noun,adj,adv) Has she been beautiful
since she was child?
Example of Present Perfect Tense
I have played tennis
You have gone to the school
They have lived in Surabaya since 2005
We have sent you a letter
She has received a lot of book
It has ever been to Korea
He has been in pare for two week
Usage Auxiliary Have/Has
Subject To Be
We Have
it Has
Past Participle (V3) in
Present Perfect Tense
Regular Verb
Base Form Past Tense Past Participle Mean
study studied studied belajar
walk walked walked berjalan
clean cleaned cleaned membersihkan

Irregular Verb
Base Form Past Tense Past Participle Mean
read read read membaca
go went gone pergi
come came come datang
Adverb of time in
Present Perfect Tense

Adverb in Present Perfect Tense is used to

explain that an activity has been just done
such as Already, Just, Once/twice, Since, As
yet, Lately, Finally, Several time, At last, For
week, For an hour. etc
Please choose the right answer
1. They ….. Surabaya (Has visit/Has visited/Have
2. Budi ….. in Bandung since 2010(Has live/Has
lived/Have lived)
3. ….. have studied English (My friend/My friend
and I/Budi’s friend)
4. I ….. in the Restaurant (Have been/Have/Has)
5. A beautiful girl has ….. Me a cake