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 New Features

◦ Opatch support: Opatch is the common patching utility for

Oracle products
◦ Oracle Public Cloud: Debut of creating and deploying
Oracle Public Cloud applications from JDeveloper. Developers
will be able to create a connection to the Oracle Public Cloud
using their credentials and deploy Java EE and ADF applications
using that connection.
◦ DefaultDomain creation password
◦ Connections.xml Enhancements
◦ ADF Faces and Data Visualization (DVT)
 New Features (contd.)
◦ ADF View Framework Enhancements
 Web Crawler Support
 Disabling Loading Splash Screen
 Script Partitioning Support for Tablets
 Thai Buddhist Calendar Support
 Export to Excel

◦ ADF Business Components Enhancements

 Customization Support for Groovy Validation
 MySQL Support
• Design
• Coding
• Debugging
• Testing
• Tuning
• Build
• Maven
• Deploying
Hands On Practice

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