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National Artists of the Philippines

in the Field of Music

Learning Objectives
 To get to know some of the
national artists of the Philippines
in the field of music
 To gain appreciation of how their
music reflected Filipino society
as well as how they promoted
Filipino music both here and
Key Understanding
 Students will learn about the national
artists of the Philippines in the field of
music which can deepen their
appreciation about the uniqueness of
Filipino culture and society.
Key Questions
 How did their music reflect the
sentiments, traditions, and values of
Filipino society with regards to
institutions and occasions like the
church, freedom, Christmas, romance
and courtship, family, child rearing, etc.?
Filipino National Artists in Music
1. Lucio San Pedro
The pride of Angono,
Rizal , he was known for
his musical compositions
for band music,
concertos, cantatas,
choral music, chamber
music, and even film
scoring. With his
countryside origin, his
music integrated folk
heritage such as in
Lahing Kayumanggi,
Filipino National Artists in Music
2. Levi Celerio
A prolific composer and
lyricist from Tondo,
Manila, he was credited
for around 4,000 songs
in his lifetime. Some of
his popular songs
include Pasko na Naman,
Ang Pasko ay Sumapit,
Image Credit:
Misa de Gallo, Saan Ka
Man Naroroon, Kahit

Konting Pagtingin,
Waray Waray, Pitong
Filipino National Artists in Music
3. Lucrecia R. Kasilag
Eminent pre- and post-
war composer and
pianist from San
Fernando, La Union, she
created around 200
pieces of music in folk,
opera, and orchestra
forms. And to show her
love of country, she was
also known for
integrating the use of
indigenous instruments
Filipino National Artists in Music
4. Antonio J. Molina
The pride of Quiapo,
Manila, he was known as
the “dean of Filipino
composers” and its
Claude Debussy for his
use of impressionist
music in his more than
500 compositions. His
famous works include
Ana Maria and
Hatinggabi. He also
taught at the UP
Conservatory of Music
Filipino National Artists in Music
5. Andrea O.
Veneracion A
Manila-born Filipina
singer, composer, and
conductor from the
1960s up to the new
millennium, she was
known here and
abroad as the
founder of the award-
winning choral group
the Philippine
Madrigal Singers.
Filipino National Artists in Music
6. Jose M. Maceda
Although he was from the
City of Manila, as a
composer and
ethnomusicologist, he
devoted years touring the
regions of the country
researching and
developing Filipino ethnic
Image Credit:
music. Exemplary works
include Pagsamba

(worship music utilizing

100 instruments) and
Suling-Suling (10 flutes,
Culminating Activity
Research Project on the History of Music
in the Philippines
What genre of music is your favorite
(classical, jazz, disco, pop, ballads, rock, rock
and roll, folk, hip hop, etc.)? Make a short
research project about its history in the
Philippines. Include names of famous
performers and also cutout pictures of
performances, if possible. For instance,
balladeers Marco Sison and Martin Nievera,
queen of jazz Louie Reyes, and pop diva Kuh