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By Group 12
Sudanshu Yadav
Satya Raja Sekhar G
Amit Vasava
Harsh Agarwalla
Ravindra Kumar
Socio – Economic – Political
 Social
 There is evident urbanisation due to the location of village
 General pattern of caste hierarchical habitation is diluted
 OBCs are the major group in the village (80%)
 Brass Artisan Class “Vishwakarmas” are a popular community
 Communal harmony is evident

 Economic
 Majorly agrarian economy
 Brass Artistic work is globally recognised and has a GI Tag
 Lately there is an increased trend in migration
 Increased land rates have resulted in the shifting of occupation patterns

 Political
 Other Backward Class occupy the important political positions in the panchayat
People Based Solutions
 Increased pesticide usage and stagnating Agriculture
 Organic Farming is being taken up volutarily

 Receding ground water table

 Farm Ponds in Agricultural Field
 Soak Pits in the habitaitonal Areas

 Monkey Menace
 Growing wild fruit trees in the outskirts of the village
(Proposed Solution)
Govt Interventions - Changes
 Education awareness
 100% enrollments in the past 3 years
 Zero Drop outs
 22 hrs of Electricity
 Metal roads
 CCTV monitored Streets
 RO purified drinking water
 Protection of Artisanship and culture
 Political Awareness
Village Level Institutions
 Anganwadi Centres/ ASHA
 Strong Panchayat Institutions
 Primary and Secondary schools with full
teacher strength
 SHGs
 Organic farmers Cooperative societies
Problems Faced by Minorities
 Demonitisation – Problems faced by Old people
due to new interventions
 Specially Abled Children – Lack of special aids
and infrastructure for effective teaching
 No communal incidents recorded in the last few
Swachh Bharat Mission
 Declared ODF village on 1 October, 2018
 Triggering Mechanism to stop OD
 Changing attitudes of People – Still a work in
 Toilets in the schools are still in dilapidated
condition – Maintenance issues
 Issues related to the disbursal of funds for
construction of toilet still persist.
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