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Health and Safety


Occupational Health
Management Essentials
Sue Parkyn, Head of Occupational Health
Unit, HSE Construction Sector
Occupational Health

• The effect of work on health and health

on work
• Managing risks to prevent work
related ill health - informed by health
surveillance and monitoring
• Ensuring that the health of workers
does not compromise the health and
safety of themselves and others –
informed by fitness for work
The scale of the problem

• 4.5% of construction workforce affected

by illness caused by or made worse by
their work
• Translates to 90,000 workers in the
construction and building trades
• 1.8 million working days lost due to work-
related illness (0.9 due to accidents)
Key occupational health issues

• Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)

• Hearing damage
• Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)
• Dermatitis
• Respiratory illness: asbestos related,
asthma and silica related
• Stress
Manage the risks not the symptoms

• Identify and control health risks before

they cause problems
• Integrate health risk control into safety
management systems
• Use occupational health providers
intelligently to assist the management of
risks and care of those affected
Construction Occupational Health
Management Essentials

Based on familiar staged approach to the

management of health and safety risks
– Having arrangements in place
– Assessing health risks
– Elimination of risks
– Reduction and control of risks
– Management of remaining risk
(including health surveillance)
COHME content

• Aims to give all • Information about

dutyholders in the – MSD
construction industry – HAVS
the information they
need in a way that – Noise
seems relevant to – Dermatitis
their roles – Respiratory risks
– Clients (inc asbestos and
– Designers silica)
– Contractors – Stress
– Health
– Fitness for work
COHME additional content

• Basic information in main web pages

• Other useful information in model:
– Sample assessments
– Case studies
• Links to other useful information
– Other parts of HSE website
– Other useful websites (eg CBH)