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Steps in

closing the Bar
Steps in closing the bar area

1. Store all perishable items in chillers • Refrigerate all halo-halo ingredients and
• Make sure that all raw materials are properly
sealed or covered
• Do not store opened and canned items. Transfer
it in sanitize food keeper with cover
2. Clean all equipment and utensils • Wipe chillers
• Wash and sanitize utensils to dry before storing

3. Arrange all utensils and supplies and store • All non-food items should be arranged and
them in their proper cabinets or shelves organized in their respective storage areas or in
waiter station cabinet/drawer

4. Remove ice from ice chest or bins (except • Wash, rinse, and sanitize ice chest ; it should
ice machines), rinse, and sanitize with hot be free of dirt build up, molds and stains

5. Clean the bar area • Wipe all surfaces down with a towel and warm
• Dry wooden surfaces immediately with a clean
dry cloth
• Clean bar floors, it should be dry at all times
Steps in closing the bar area

Inventory of equipment (weekly) and consumables (daily)

 Do physical counting of all equipments and consumables (e.g. toothpicks,

napkins etc.); ensure completeness for proper monitoring
 Record inventory in the inventory logbook
 Manager/Supervisor will regularly check inventory to monitor variances
as well as in proper forecasting of supplies of the bar section

Ending inventory of all bartending perishables

 Prepare bar inventory form

 Count all left over bar groceries (e.g. coffeemate, dalandan, lipton tea,
green tea, nescafe sachet etc.) when the store close
 Follow the standard procedure in filling out the form