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• Transformer is the key equipment in power
system to ensure it is safe and stable
operation is important. Transformers either
raise a voltage to decrease losses or decreases
voltage to a safe level. Monitoring is defined
as collection of data. It is very difficult and
expensive to construct the communication
wires to monitor and control each distribution
transformer station.
• By using XBEE module we continuously monitoring
transformer parameter like current, voltage and
temperature. Xbee based transformer protection
involves monitoring of multiple transformer from a
single remote control center. In this project we have
monitor and parameters of transformer namely
Voltage, current, Temperature. The project can be
expandable in future for various other parameters like
Surveillance camera, Smoke detector, etc. xbee module
use for wireless communication for sending and
receiving data i.e for two way communication.
• Aim of our project is to protect the transformer
against fault and continuously monitoring
transformer parameter. Transformer parameter is
specified on nameplate for giving protection to
transformer. if limit exceeded as per predefine
limit then fault occur in transformer. due to this
transformer temperature may increases and
winding may damage. If there is a fault in the
transformer, by our project we can detect the
fault in the transformer and there will be
notification to the control regarding the fault.
Working Principle
• The main aim of the project is to acquire data of distribution
transformers remotely by XBEE. For this real-time scenario we can
take one temperature sensor, one potential transformer and one
current transformer for monitoring these 3 data of the transformer
and then send the same to a remote location. 3 analog values are
taken in multiplexing mode connected to a programmable
microcontroller PIC16f877A. Then the values of all the sensors are
sent sequentially as per the frequency of multiplexing of the inbuilt
ADC in MC .They are then sent directly to XBEE module operating at
2.4GHz for transmitting the same data. Remote receiver is also a
microcontroller based unit that receives not only the real time data
but also the error signal along with to operate corresponding
realy for any action with LCD display.
• The power supply consists of a step down
transformer 230/12V, which steps down the
voltage to 12V AC. This is converted to DC
using a Bridge rectifier and it is then regulated
to +5V using a voltage regulator 7805 which is
required for the operation of the
microcontroller and other components

• This project is used to monitor the

parameters. So we can easily take the
precaution if any one is exceed or below then
normal value.
• Low power consumption.
• Small size
• Economical
• Reliable

• This project is very useful in the transformer

manufacturing company.