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Writing is hard, simply because one hopes to write using the best

possible words to articulate the best possible thoughts in the most

creative way imaginable.
"The Reaction Paper: A Measured Response to the World“
Marikit Tara Alto Uychoco

1. The world can be a chaotic place. Often, there seems to be no rhyme

or reason in the events that happen to us. Oftentimes, people despair,
and the modern alienation articulated by Henry Thoreau may be true
for many----"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."
2. In order to make sense of the world, people write. In order to create
a semblance of order and understanding of one's experiences people
write. Often enough, they write a measured response to what has
happened to them. This takes on various forms, but for the purpose of
this textbook, the forms we will explore are the review and the reaction
3. Of course, some may consider a diary entry to be a reaction paper to
the world. However, diary entries are personal in their significance,
while the reaction paper's significance is societal. The reaction paper is
written for the enlightenment pf one's fellow human beings; a diary
entry is written for the enlightenment of the self. Both have their
significance, however, only the reaction paper is considered
significantly valuable for the academe.
4. There is also a difference in form: the reaction paper is more formal,
more descriptive, and often uses the rhetorical devices of description
and narration in order to prove a point; while the diary entry is less
formal, less descriptive, and does not endeavor to persuade or to make
another person understand; hence, there is no real effort in using
rhetorical devices. Oftentimes, the diary entry is a way to rage against
petty insults and grievances.
5. When one reads a reaction paper, one expects to be informed and
amused. Reaction papers help us in our everyday decisions: from what
movie we should watch, to the clothing that we should wear, and the
causes that we should believe in. It tells us that we are not alone in
experiencing the world, and that there are others before us who care
to tell us what to watch out for, and how to best experience what we
are about to go through.
6. Modern interactions of the reaction paper are the movie, review,
gadget review, trip advisor post, and other travel reviews, restaurant
reviews , and essays that discuss a social phenomenon or a common
experience. Many editorials can be considered reaction papers, if not,
position papers. Many of them are written in newspapers, magazines,
and weblogs.
7. Although the modern world can be a lonely and alienating place, the
reaction paper can reach put and tell us that we are not alone. It helps
to know that the other person is going through the same experience as
well, and that this person has something to tell you about how to
survive, what to avoid, and where to seek pleasure. A reaction paper,
when done right, can help us process our own experience, and help us
see things that we weren't able to see on our own.
8. In today's multimedia world, this stretches across countries and over
territorial borders, where a housewife from Manila can tell a tourist
from Tokyo how to best survive Manila's hot summer. We reach out to
one another, in order to make the world a better place, by mapping the
world for others, and letting them know where beauty and darkness

Skills 5 4 3 2 1
Content and Analysis: the extent -insightful clear ideas that fully Some ideas are clearer than The paper contains an attempt to Ideas are not developed.
to which the response conveys and/or sophisticated address the prompt and are others and address the address the Little to no textual
complex ideas and ideas that fully address the prompt and are supported by relevant, accurate prompt. Ideas are supported prompt, but the writer provides evidence is used.
information clearly and fully supported by relevant, accurate and and sufficient evidence. by some relevant little Mostly personal responses.
accurately in order to specific evidence from appropriate Evidence used is justified and evidence. clear, relevant evidence.
respond to the task and sources. developed
support an analysis of the text Evidence used is justified and clearly
Organization The paper follows a clear and logical The paper follows a logical train of The paper follows a somewhat The paper does not The paper does not
train of thought. thought. confused train of thought. follow a train of thought. The follow a train of thought.
The introduction and The paper’s introduction and The paper has paper is missing The paper is missing
conclusion are effective conclusion an introduction and conclusion an introduction or an introduction and
and the writer always are functional and the writer uses some conclusion and the writer uses conclusion and the writer
uses topic sentences and effective and the writer always topic sentences and adequate few fails to use topic sentences
transitions uses topic sentences but less transitions. topic sentences and/or and/or transitions.
effective transitions. transitions.

Command of Evidence Quotations are smoothly blended in. Effectively utilizes Evidence is present, but Evidence chosen does not support Little or no evidence is
Evidence is highly persuasive and effective. quotations, Evidence is believable Superficial. Quotes are used, ideas/claims. Quotes are used.
and convincing. but not well blended. irrelevant.

Reflections Conscious and thorough understanding of Thoughtful understanding of the Basic understanding of the Ideas lack Does not address the
the writing prompt. Analysis is writing prompt and the subject development; prompt or gives a basic plot
writing prompt and the subject matter. believable matter. No in-depth reflection. misunderstanding of summary without
Creative/original ideas and insights; and convincing, a few prompt or text; little to no commentary
extensive, insightful commentary. assertions may lack reflection on the text.
specific examples, but
are still logical.
Mechanics and Conventions Demonstrates a mastery of writing Demonstrates control of the Demonstrates control of the Demonstrates emerging control of Demonstrate a lack of
Language use conventions conventions conventions conventions with some errors control of
includes a variety of sentences marked by that do not hinder comprehension, with infrequent errors, that hinder comprehension, lacks conventions with frequent
varying opening words and structure; includes some variety in includes minimal variety in variety in sentence structure and errors that make
effective syntax and grammar. transitions and sentence structure. sentence structure and transitions. comprehension difficult.