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The Avaya Story

February 2019

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Digital Transformation
is Accelerating

BY 2020
half of the workforce
will be millennials

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Staggering Pace of Change

70% of interactions
are through mobile devices

In 2018, ecommerce will drive

$3 trillion in transactions up
$500 billion from just last year

4% of companies using
chatbots today expected
to be 80% in 2 years

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Why Avaya as Your
Digital Transformation Partner?

Global Portfolio Open Innovation

Experience Breadth Ecosystem & Investment


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Avaya Today: Credible, Predictable & Innovative

139 5.5 110K $3.2 17 9

million million customers billion years years

Unified Contact Center In 170 countries Market share Gartner Magic Gartner Magic
Communications Users Leader in CC Quadrant Quadrant
Lines and UC Leader in Leader in UC
Contact Center

Largest Installed Base 90% of Fortune 100

With 11% Of Revenue From Cloud 95% of Fortune 1000

$200M+ of annual R&D spend in high growth segments

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Proven Leadership Team

President and CEO President Sales, President Sales, SVP and CFO SVP, Product
International Americas


SVP, Services NIKOLOPOULOS SVP, Growth President, Cloud Chief Administrative
SVP, Strategy & Initiatives Officer, General Counsel

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Global Experience

• 8,000 Employees
• 110,000 Clients
• 4,800 Patents
• 4,400 Partners
• 170 Countries
• 90% Fortune 100
• Government Agencies in
more than 40 countries

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Comprehensive Portfolio
Mobile Applications / Avaya Desktop Experience

Contact Center

Application Integration
API’s | Artificial Intelligence | Analytics

Communications Cloud
Public Private Partner

Consulting | Custom Development | Design & Delivery | Migration | Training

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Our Unified Communications Portfolio

Simple, empowering
experiences Enable the Digital
Communicate / collaborate
using any touch-point
Calling Messaging
Converged / seamless Avaya Aura Avaya Multimedia Easy user
across channels Avaya IP Office Messaging
Context aware & anticipatory Public
Interop, flexibility,
Adaptable Solutions Premises customization
Best-of-breed flexibility

Tailored / optimized to company

Meetings Team
specific processes Multiple deployment/
Avaya Equinox Collaboration consumption options
Rapidly extendible, keeping Avaya Equinox
Avaya Spaces
up with the ‘speed of business’ Meetings Online

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Innovative, Smart Devices

Avaya Vantage™
OPPORTUNITY Essential Experience Essential Experience Essential Experience Essential Experience Audio and Video
AREAS IP Phones for Hospitality Wireless Handsets Headsets Conferencing








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Our Contact Center Portfolio
Simple, empowering
experiences Facilitate your Digital

Any touch-point
Self- Assisted
All channels service service Exceed customer
expectations & increase
Context aware agent performance
& anticipatory

Adaptable Solutions Choice of deployment

& consumption options
Best-of-breed flexibility

Tailored to your business Deliver world-class

services and support
Performance Artificial
management intelligence

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Our Service Portfolio
Services that Meet Facilitate your Digital
Business Needs Transformation

Contact Center deployment Bring you closer to

Streamline workflow Consulting Design & your employees and
Integration customers
Agile software solutions

Cloud transformation Match your needs to the

best premise or
private, public or
Trusted Advisors hybrid cloud solutions

Over 1,000 consultants

Get the most
positive business
Build tailored solutions
Implementation Adoption outcomes
End-to-end deployments

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Our Service Offerings
Client Journey Consulting
From solution consulting
Design and Integration
to low and no-code
Solution Implementation
software, from agile
project management Managed Services
through a cloud migration, Programming
we’re here for you and and Development
your business every Cloud Adoption
step of the way. Training

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Open API: Connections supported
Open Ecosystem through an open architecture




This is just a sampling of the thousands of Avaya partners. For a complete list visit

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Innovation & Investment
Spoken Cloud Master New AI Expanded IaaS Modern
acquisition Agent Program Capabilities deployments Workspaces for
Elite customers
and Omnichannel
created multi-tenant Jenne, Intelisys Intelligent Self-Service with Aura 8.0 improvements
cloud mid-market, and Telarus for including AWS,
Smart Routing
Enterprise and BPO SMB and Mid- Azure and Expanded
opportunities Market SaaS Conversational Intelligence Google Cloud Workforce
Agent Guidance Optimization
A.I.Connect Ecosystem portfolio

Refreshed Mobile Flexible IP Office
and expanded Experience Meetings in integration
device portfolio the Cloud launch
cloud-based intelligent with Equinox
Equinox Online and team Spaces
mobile call handling, AI, IoT,
now with live customer Blockchain,
deployments Mobility,

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Strategic Partnerships

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How We Help Facilitate Digital Transformation

1 2 3 4
Providing you Giving you a Enabling you Providing
a seamless, choice of delivery to leverage world-class
integrated models whether investments that support, services
experience on premise, you’ve already and
across UC, CC public/private made in infrastructure to
and collaboration cloud or a hybrid infrastructure manage your
solution – offering and integrating enterprise
a business model those with communications
that doesn’t technologies
conflict with yours coming to
market today

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2019 New Solutions & Capabilities
eCommerce eCommerce
SMB Bundles SMB Bundles
Mobile Experience Device as a Service
Mobile Identity Open SIP

CONTACT Next-gen Digital UNIFIED Spaces & Meeting Convergence

CENTER Cloud Migration Tools COMMUNICATIONS Cloud Migration Tools
Unified Workspaces w/Analytics
WFO in the Cloud

Headsets Self Service Bots

Wireless Campus Smart Routing for Cloud and
Huddle Rooms Outbound
Device as a Service Conversation Intelligence
Open SIP ARTIFICIAL Business Rules Engine
AI on Multimedia Devices INTELLIGENCE AI Analytics and Insights

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At Radio Flyer Customer Engagement
is Not Something to Toy With Industry:
Challenges Retail
• Leverage technology solutions to maintain
Radio Flyer’s 99-year reputation for excellent customer service
• Employ smart consumer call handling to effectively field the
35,000-plus calls Radio Flyer receives from customers every year
Radio Flyer, Inc.,
Value Created maker of the famous little red
wagon, is the leading producer of
• A reliable and scalable consumer engagement strategy wagons, tricycles and three-wheel
that improves the Radio Flyer customer experience scooters in the United States.
Radio Flyer has more than 100
• Collection of valuable data and metrics that has fueled award-winning products available
in 25 countries, including bicycles,
operational improvements and staffing efficiencies
scooters and a variety of ride-ons.
• Easy-to-administer phone solution allows in-demand Since 1917, the privately-held,
family-owned company has
IT resources to be focused elsewhere created icons of childhood,
building a legacy of high-quality,
Transformation timeless and innovative toys that
spark the imagination and inspire
• Radio Flyer transforms to etailer with online direct sales outdoor, active play.
through – Avaya IP Office solution ready
for significant increase in calls

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TTRS Provides New Services to Thailand’s
Hearing and Speech-Impaired Community
• Establish a centralized contact center, staffed by sign language translators,
to bridge the communication gap between hearing and speech-impaired
people and the community
Value Created Government
• Supported more than 1,000 active users and 4,000 voice calls, video calls,
SMS and emails per month
• Reduced communication difficulties to ensure hearing-impaired people
Thai Telecommunication
receive the correct advice and services Relay Service (TTRS) is a not-
• Enhanced staff efficiency, productivity and mobility for-profit, public service
organization, funded by
• Enabled managers to record and monitor calls, Thailand’s National Broadcasting
and analyze staff performance and Telecommunications
Commission and the Universal
Transformation Foundation for Persons with
Disabilities. TTRS promotes and
• Specialist contact center staffed by agents trained in sign, supports better communication
who mediate between hearing or speech-impaired people between hearing- and speech
and other members of society impaired people and other
members of the Thai community.
• Contact center available via voice,
sign language video calls, email or SMS

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Patient Care Benefits Seen For Mothers And
Newborn Babies At Geneva University Hospitals
• Help families cope with premature birth
• Fight post-partum depression Industry:
• Provide patients in rural areas with virtual visits Healthcare
• Enhance collaboration among medical professionals
Value Created
Born of a centuries-long
• Reduced cost of training tradition of excellence in the
• Increased efficiency of patient care sciences and medicine, the
Geneva University
• Gained prestige through excellent customer care and quality of Hospitals (HUG) was
service established in 1995. HUG
manages a first-class research
• Improved the quality of medical training program, closely linked to the
Transformation Faculty of Medicine of Geneva.
Their combined fields of
• Strengthening human bond through digital communications expertise ensure patients have
access to the latest in
technological developments
and medical progress.

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Why We
Can Do This?
• Our culture
• Our people
• Unwavering commitment to our customers
• Our partners
• Years of experience
• Laser focus on the markets we serve

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Thank you.

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