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Care for HIV-exposed Infants

Mayom Mabuong Marek

PMTCT Inspector/HIV Dept
Focal Point, Ministry of Health, Juba
Care of HIV-Exposed Infants
• antiretroviral (ARV) prophylaxis,
• cotrimoxazole (CTX) prophylaxis
• Immunizations, and
• Routine monitoring of the infant until
determination of HIV infection status takes
NVP Prophylaxis for HIV-Exposed Infants
• Infants of mothers who are receiving ART and
breast feeding should receive 6 weeks of
• NVP syrup is given once daily
Cotrimoxazole for HIV-Exposed
• Cotrimoxazole can prevent infections like malaria,
pneumonia, and some kinds of diarrhoea. It is
safe and has few side effects.
• At 6 weeks HIV-exposed infants should be started
on cotrimoxazole to prevent opportunistic
• Continue cotrimoxazole until a definitive
diagnosis is obtained after breastfeeding has
• If the infant is determined to be HIV infected he
should stay on the medication.