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Chapter 03 - GAME EDUKASI

(Game Based Learning)

Azhar Ahmad Smaragdina, M.Pd.
Teknik Elektro - UM
Pengertian Game Edukasi
• Hurd and Jenuings, 2009
– Education game adalah game yang khusus
dirancang untuk mengajarkan user suatu
pembelajaran tertentu, pengembangan
konsep dan pemahaman dan membimbing
mereka dalam melatih kemampuan mereka,
serta memotivasi mereka untuk
Kriteria Game Edukasi
(Hurd dan Jenuings, 2009)

Nilai Keseluruhan (Overall Value)

Dapat Digunakan (Usability)

Keakuratan (Accuracy)

Kesesuaian (Appropriateness)

Relevan (Relevance)

Objektifitas (Objectives)

Umpan Balik (Feedback)

Game Based Learning (GBL)
• (European Commission, Education &
Culture - 2009)
– Game-Based Learning (GBL) is the use of
digital games with serious goals (i.e.
educational objectives), as tools that support
learning processes in a significant way. It is
also known as educational gaming.
Digital Game & GBL
• Studies in the field of GBL show a
clear relation between playing digital
games and learning.
• Digital games as learning tools:
– enhance students’ motivation for
learning because of their engaging
– provide challenging experiences that
promote the intrinsic satisfaction of the
players, keeping them engaged and
Another Benefit of GBL
• players have fun while playing a game
• Improve player skills
– the challenge usually increases as long as the game
goes on. Therefore players need to improve their
skills and learn new strategies
• short feedback cycles
– learning by trial-and-error and getting immediate
• learning by doing
• active learning
• improve students’ problem-solving skills
Classification of digital games
and their relation to learning

Adventure Strategy

and Sports
Action Game
• Type:
– Violent
– Non violent
• Educational value:
– hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes
– resource planning,
– spatial abilities
• (orientation, mental mapping)
Example Action Game
• Violent: Counter Strike, Call of Duty
• Non Violent: Mirrors Edge, Super Mario
Bros,Re-Mission, Need for Speed,
Role-playing Game (RPG)
• These are the games in which the player
assumes the role of one or more
characters in a fantasy environment
• As the player usually depends on a group
of characters, cooperation and resource
management are promoted.
• Educational value
– Cooperation and resource management.
– Strategic thinking and problem solving
RPG Examples
• Fable, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2,
Neverwinter Nights, The Elder Scrolls, Baldur's
• In these games, the player has to solve a
series of problems and puzzles embedded
within a narrative structure to progress in a
• Educational value
– To tell stories / encourage exploration,
– Problem solving
– Establishment of relations between
different concepts
Adventure Examples
• Braid, Portal; Monkey Island, Maniac
Mansion, Zelda; Indigo Prophecy, Heavy
Rain; King’s Quest; Spyro, Callout 3
• Usually set in historic or fantasy
environments, these games force the
player to plan the use of resources and
face an enemy following an established
set of rules
• Educational value
– How to solve problems
– Encourage planning
– understanding of complex set of rules
– recreation of historic events
Strategy game Examples
• Civilization, Lemmings, Starcraft 2, Supreme
Commander, Age of Empires, Dune II, Warcraft,
Command and Conquer.
• These games simulate real processes, events or
environments, through the use of a simplified
• They allow the player to freely modify the
environment and perceive the results of his or
her actions on this environment.
• Educational value
– Live in virtual worlds
– exploration and theory confirmation
– observation of the different interactions
and their results
Simulations Examples
• The Sims, Sim City, Angry Birds, World of goo;
RollerCoaster Tycoon, Theme Hospital; F-16 Allied
Forces, Il-2 Sturmovik, X-plane, Flight Simulator.
Fighting and Sports
• Fighting and sports game
• Educational value
– Teamwork
– Sport practice / hand-eye
– Coordination and reflex
Fighting and Sports Examples
• Fifa Soccer Saga, Pro Evolution Soccer,
NBA Live, Tekken (saga), Street Fighter
Tugas Kelompok
• Mereview dan membuat resensi
paper/jurnal/penelitian tentang game
– File yang dikumpulkan:
– 1) jurnal asli (.pdf),
– 2) hasil review (.doc & .ppt)
• Mempresentasikan hasil review pada
pertemuan selanjutnya
• Nama File (T1GE_PTIOFF_Kel)
Thank You
Azhar Ahmad Smaragdina, M.Pd.
Let’s Discuss
• Membuat game bisa dimainkan kembali
(re-enable puzzle)
• Modifikasi game puzzle sederhana
• Membuat kode program menjadi lebih
ringkas dan efisien
• Menambahkan time (waktu) pada game
• Menambahkan level pada game
• Membuat game lebih menarik, dengan
suara, cerita dan animasi.
• A good educational game motivates to play with
its own gamefulness, offers clear, iterative
education content, and includes an instructed
debriefing and feedback discussion after the
game experience, allowing the instructor to
ensure that the learned material also/at least
includes what the game is supposed to convey
according to the curriculum (Whitton, 2009;
Crookall, 2010; Harviainen, Lainema &
Saarinen, 2014)
• Game-based learning has been
researched at university level for over 60
years nonstop and even the most critical
results show numerous positive features
Two challenges in game-based learning

• First, it inevitably requires that the teacher

has time and enthusiasm to focus on a
new form of work in addition to their
traditional textbook teaching.
• Secondly, assessing gamebased learning
is often difficult. Grading the game
performance itself as such, although still
popular, gives unreliable results
Project UTS
• Masing-masing kelompok membuat
sebuah produk game edukasi dengan
– Memodifikasi game puzzle & game coloring
– Mengembangkan game puzzle dan game
• Hasil project dikumpulkan paling lambat
tanggal 23 Februari 2015
• Design a new computer or console game with a
partner or a group.
– What device is the game played on?
– What is the objective of the game?
– The main character(s) of the game?
– Other important characters in the game?
– Who is the game aimed at?
– In what kind of a world does the game take place?
• Choose a suitable genre for the game:
– Driving game
– Physical game (such as sports or dancing)
– Puzzle-solving game
– Teaching or serious game
– Role-playing game
– Strategy game
– Simulation game
– Action game
– Action-adventure game
– Quiz game
– Something else, what?