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• High performance concrete is a concrete mixture, which possess high

durability and high strength
• It contains one or more of cementious material
• The term ‘high performance’ is somewhat pretentious because the
essential feature of this concrete is that it’s ingredients and
proportions are specifically chosen so as to have particularly
appropriate properties for the expected use of the structure such as
high strength and low permeability
Type of materials used in High Performance Concrete

Cement Fine aggregates:-

• Physical and chemical • Finer sand increases the
characteristics of cement play water demand of concrete,
role in developing strength very fine sand is not essential
for fresh concrete. Fineness of in High Performance
cement affects water
requirements for consistency. Concrete. The sand particles
should pack to give minimum
void ratio.
Type of materials used in High Performance Concrete

Course aggregates:- Water

• Course aggregate is the • Water actively participates in
strongest, least porous the chemical reactions with
component of concrete. The cement. The strength of
important parameters that cement concrete comes
influence the performance of mainly from the binding
concrete are its shape, texture action of the hydrated
and the maximum size. cement gel.
Type of materials used in High Performance Concrete

Chemical admixtures:- Mineral admixtures:-

• Chemical added in very small • They are natural pozzolanic
amount to the mixture to materials or industrial
develop special properties in byproducts that are used in
fresh or hardened concrete. concrete to replace part of
cement or sand.
Properties of High Performance Concrete
• Ease of concrete placement.
• High impact resistance
• Resistance to chemical attack (Chloride & Sulphate)
• High compressive strength
• High early strength
• High modulus of elasticity
• High abrasion resistance
• High durability and good longevity in under severe conditions
• Low permeability
• High resistance to de-icing agents or penetration
Advantage of High Performance Concrete
• It’s non-combustible and requires little maintenance or repairs, which equals
big cost savings
• Low creep and shrinkage
• High initial cost and reduce the maintenance cost
• Superior long-term service performance under static, dynamic and fatigue
• Reduced the maintenance and repairs cost
• Longer spans and fewer beams for the same magnitude of loading
• Toughness
• Early high strength
• High workability and pump ability
• Improved durability in aggressive and marine environment
Disadvantage of High Performance Concrete
• Using HPC will waste a lot of time because quality control concerned
related to various material selection and testing method in use.
• Carefully selection materials are necessary because different of
materials will cause instabilities concerns that could result from
reduced stiffness
• The initially higher construction bid prices because use of any new
technology and high qualities materials to build the tall building
• Fire resistance concerns
• Manufactured and placed carefully