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Group 3
Aanchal Agarwal
Atul Kumar Sonu
Junaid ahmed Ansari
Mayank kumar
Nikhil Maheshwari
Rhythm bajaj
Current State
• GROW, an artificial intelligence platform and mobile app developed by Tokyo-
based people analytics startup IGS, to recruit for a job
• Masahiro Fukuhara is the founder and CEO
• GROW is an IOS and Android app, consists of two propriety components: a
competency assessment and personality assessment
• It used artificial intelligence learning algorithms to analyze every speck of
assessment data from the candidates and the evaluators
• GROW used big data - disparate data points across many people, instead of
human intuition
• IGS added B2B2C strategy and began providing GROW to HR functions in
Future Scope
• An Artificial Intelligence capable of handling recruitment for multi national corporations
• Helping clients tap into the pool of candidates with data backed mechanism to assess them
• A platform for candidates to showcase their skill and get a good match to the job they are fit

Desired Future State

Time to turn on ‘Reinforced Machine Learning’ where AI would be able to rule out client based
Desired Future State-Analysis
All Nippon Airways
• ANA prioritised 10 competencies it would require
• GROW assessed candidates and assigned Total Score as well as confidence score
• Confidence score is the measure of confidence IGS had in that total score
• ANA used GROW to source candidates that they could have missed

Septeni Holdings:
• Grow worked as a substitute for in group interviews to screen candidates
• It collected information from peers throughout students university time as Septenis criteria
included a focus on personality traits
• Algorithm was trained by data on prior one years candidates and interview outcomes
• It predicted most likely candidates to get selected in interview stage
Desired Future State-Analysis
Mitsubishi Corporation
• Profile for Ideal employee was created
• Peers of ideal applicants also targeted with the assumption that birds of a feather
flock together
• Helped MC to discover the talent that has not discovered them
Gap Analysis
Least potentially misleading outcome:

• Peer reviews from university time could sometimes be misleading as studying and
working may have different set of skills.

• Targeting peers of ideal clients can also be misleading as sometimes peers may
not have similar competencies or may not want a similar job

• Using GROW to target candidates that the initial screening process would have
missed is the least potentially misleading outcome
Reinforced Machine Learning:

• AI would be able to overrule client defined characteristics of an Ideal candidate

• Each company in each sector would have their own corporate values, vision and

• We would suggest a hybrid approach where in AI could suggest changes to clients

and implement them subject to clients approval
Thank you