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Project Location and Setting
The Project is located in the south
central part under Munshiganj,
Shariatpur, and Madaripur
districts of Bangladesh. The main
bridge will be located over the
Padma River
in the north-south direction starting
at Mawa in the Dhaka side under
Lauhajang upazila and ending at
Janjira in the other side of the River
under Shariatpur district. The
approach road and bridge-end
(BEF) in the north side are in
Lauhajang and Srinagar upazilas
under Munshiganj district,
while the same in the south side are
in Janjira upazila under Shariatpur
district and Shibchar upazila
under Madaripur district.
Existing Traffic and Forecasts stat
Project Details
 Name of the Project
 Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project (PMBP)
 Executing Agency
 Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA)
 Construction Period
 November 2014 ~ December 2018 (4 Years)
 Liabilities Period
 1 year from the date of completion
 Name of the Packages and Contractors
 Main Bridge Works : China Major Bridge Engineering Co. Ltd, China.
 River Training Works : Sinohydro Corporation Limited, China.
 Janjira Approach Road & Selected Bridge End Facilities Works : AML-HCM JV.
 Mawa Approach Road & Selected Bridge End Facilities Works : AML-HCM JV.
 Service Area- 02 Works : Abdul Monem Limited (AML).
Project Components at a Glance(main)
 Main Bridge (6.15km of 22.5m width;)
 River Training Works (RTW)
 Janjira Approach Road & Selected Bridge End Facilities
 Mawa Approach Road & Selected Bridge End Facilities
 Service Area
 Resettlement
 Land Acquisition
Main Bridge

 The main purpose of

the main bridge over
the Padma is to allow
smooth crossing of
road and rail traffic
and take the full
benefits of integrated
uninterrupted fast
River Training Works

 The purpose of River Training Works (RTW) on both sides of the River
at bridge location is to protect the River bank from erosion so that
the bridge, approach roads, BEF and railways can remain
integrated and functional during the operation and maintenance
phase of the Project.
Approach Roads

 2.3 km long approach road in the Mawa side and 12.8 km long
approach road of 23.6m width in
Bridge-end-Facilities & Service
 At Mawa side a service area will be built of 27.03ha and in Janjira
side the area is 63.7ha. Each service area will have offices for
consultants and BBA, laboratory, houses for engineers, single
accommodation for engineers, sports areas and associated facilities
during construction.
Toll plaza on both sides

 Total plot area of the toll

plaza in Mawa side is
about 17.5ha. Total area
of the toll plaza in Janjira
side is about 4.78ha. There
will be 6 toll gates in each
side with a total area of
Construction Yards

Two construction yards (one at Mawa side

81 ha and the other at Janjira side, 78ha)
are required for providing contractors with
the necessary lands for carrying out
construction works and storage of
construction materials.

 At the initial stage, railway

on the bridge connecting
two stations at the bridge
ends was considered.
However, the scope has
been revised to provide the
future provision of the
railway. The total length of
the future railway structure is
15.85 km including those
over main bridge (6.15km)
Utility Crossings

 The main utilities to be accommodated include the power

transmission line (400kV) and the gasmain.
 High Pressure Gasmain
 A 30in diameter high pressure gasmain on the bridge is considered
with a separate corridor.
 High Voltage Power Transmission Line
 A 400kV high voltage power transmission line will be built, which will
be either on the bridge or run parallel and away from the bridge
 Optical Fiber Cable
Resettlement Sites

 In order to resettle affected people and provide compensation to

the direct Project Affected Persons (PAP), different types of
compensation packages have been designed. They are as follows:
 (a) housing plots and money for building houses in the resettlement
areas; and
 (b) full monetary compensation of the lands and structures affected
from the project.
Resettlement Sites deign and development

Civic Facilities at RS
- School, Mosque, health centre
- Internal road and playground
- Electricity, water supply & sanitation
- Pond, tree plantation etc.
Land Acquisition

Sl. District Proposal for Land Land Acquisition Possession Paid Amount
No. Acquisition in (Hectors) Received BDT.
(Hectors) (Hectors)
01. Munshiganj 400.84 331.25 262.10 406.70 Crore
02. Madharipur 1213.81 549.85 549.76 381.06 Crore
03. Shariatepur 740.84 590.58 502.76 334.56 Crore
Total 2355 1,471.68 1314.62 1,122.32 Crore
After Land Acquisition

Total Affected Person 76,000

Total Affected families 15,400

Only land Loser family number 9,273

Only Homestead Structure Looser Around 5000

Proposed Schedule for
Circumferential Welding of Constructability Trial Pile

Fabrication of Steel Casing


1stHydraulic hammer arrived at site on 26 May 2015 2nd new Hydraulic hammer arrived at site on 22 October 2016

Arrival of the 3600t Floating Crane “Tian Yi” to Be Used for Launching of Steel Truss Girders

1stHydraulic hammer arrived at site on 26 May 2015 2nd new Hydraulic hammer arrived at site on 22 October 2016

Arrival of the 3600t Floating Crane “Tian Yi” to Be Used for Launching of Steel Truss Girders
Leveling & Cleaning for Sealing Concrete Surface of P37
Welding by Robot at CRSBG, Final Dimension Checking at
China CRSBG, China

Final Truss Assembly in Mawa CY loading arrangement for load test (150 m Span Truss)
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