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Selection Methodologies For Different Positions Proposed

Marketing Department
Operations Department

Marketing Head/ Sales

Senior Consultant
Supply Chain Staff Supply Chain Lead

Requires someone who

It would require mostly
understands the market
Look for mainly experienced professionals with a
Recruitment from conditions and
professionals who can MBA degree and some
engineering colleges
handle a team possesses leadership
level of experience

1.1. Skills Test(math ability , 1. Preliminary Interview 1. Business design and

grammatical ability) Communication and skill Test
analytical skill test and then 2. Multiple rounds of
a panel interview to test Panel Interview 2. Psychometric test
•2. One to one Interview their knowledge
3. Final Selection 3.
Selection Methodologies For Different Positions Proposed


Manager/ Tax Risk Analyst

One who has good knowledge about the company and

embrace its core values Qualifications equivalent to an MBA

An existing employee of the 1. Aptitude and Analytical Skill Test

company would better suit the
position 2. Has knowledge about market risk and other types of risk
3. HR interview
4. Final Selection
1. Who has stayed in the company for couple of years.
2. Has good accounting knowledge
3. Strong Analytical Skills
4. Performance has been on an increasing trend.
Selection Methodologies For Different Positions Proposed

IT and Development
Department HR Managers

development team
CTO Support and Database team

Multitasking Ability, Past

experience, Analytical Skills

Can be college graduates who

He/she is expected to have can be trained and moved to
Technical skills and creativity
high strategic thinking ability job.
and designing skills
and high technical skills

1. Telephonic Interview
2. Psychometric Test
1. Aptitude and Job 1. Aptitude skills and 3. Managerial Round
knowledge Test programming skills 1. Psychometric test
2. Communications skills test 2. Case study based analytical 2. Panel Ineterview 4. Interview by senior HR
3. Panel interview with senior skills panel
executives of the firm. 3. Personal Interview