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Android Apps & Games

Development Course
Vivek Mehrotra
Founder & CEO, Empower-K12

M: +91 7838352456
What are the various hobbies of the students?
 Sports- cricket, basketball etc.
 Visual Arts- painting, photography etc.
 Poetry, drama
 Reading
 Gaming
 Smartphone Addiction (worst, these days…)
 And many more…
Lets see what some kids of the same age are
Jonah Grant: The Ideas Man
Age: 14
Apps currently in the store:
Commandments - the original tablet app, $.99 for iPad
Pong - iPhone Edition, $.99 for iPhone and iPad
App of the Day - free, for iPhone
Hot Links - $.99 for iPhone
“I started getting
into the app
when I was
around 13 years
Stephen Huber: The Closer
Age: 14

Wooden Labyrinth 3D $2.99

“In terms of programming in general, I started
quite young actually, probably around 12 or so,
but in respect to the iPhone platform, just a few
Lets fly to India
At the age of 11!!
Arjun Kumar (14)-created the app: Ez School
Bus Locator.
This app helps parents to track
the location of bus drivers, in
case the bus gets late.
Rahul Dominic (16)
Bangalore, another schoolboy, Rahul Dominic, not only makes
apps but also has a couple of companies as his clients, which
pay him between Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 per app. Also made
Duco Paint, WIREDIN, VeriSafe
Aryan- Wheel-Ordeal for iOS
Jai Krishna (13)
The biggest question: Why don’t we see a LOT of
students getting into the field of technology at an
early age, like they do in other hobbies, like sports
and arts?
I’d like to answer this question by taking your
attention to the 4 biggest problems we are facing
4 Problems:
1. Rigid Education System- too much focus on marks/grades, which sometimes demotivates
students. Students relate success or failure in life directly to their grades. This prevents their
minds to focus on other areas- like technology.
2. Lack of Good teachers- who can teach real life technology. We are not talking about the
traditional c++, HTML, CSS etc taught in schools. With the emergence of startups, the world of
technology is changing dynamically, with new and faster technologies coming every year. While
the syllabus followed by schools when it comes to IT/Computers remains same every year.
3. Lack of mentors/proper grooming & Technology environment- to cultivate the students and
help them grow. How to design the app which sells? What do users want? How to solve real life
problems? Turning the idea of an app or website into a company? And 100s of more questions,
which cannot be answered by our traditional education system.
4. Lack of Motivation among students- waste of time on apps like Facebook/Whatsapp,
distractions! Most students themselves aren’t motivated to think outside of the box.
Solving all these 4 problems, we came up with
Android Apps & Games Development Course
Brick Breaker Lawn Tennis
Various Apps students can make:

1. Games- shooting, racing etc- almost all types of basic 2D games

2. Educational Apps- Quizzes, Chapter Apps, notes, revision, question bank etc.
3. General Apps- Calculators, timers, phone/text message related apps
4. Fun Apps- Paint apps, fart noises etc.
5. High Tech. Apps- involving GPS, Internet, APIs etc.

And tons of more apps!

10 Benefits of this Course

1. Certificate- Give a jump-start to your career and boost your resume by

becoming young certified app developers. This will open the door to the
dynamically growing world of technology. With rapidly growing industry,
startup companies emerging, our entire world coming on SMART PHONES,
the demand for app developers is at its peak!
10 Benefits of this Course

2. Skill for a lifetime-You forget almost everything that you learn just to get a
good percentage in your exams, but skills are what stay with you, forever. At
such a young age, Android App Development as a skill, is priceless.
10 Benefits of this Course
3. Get Mentored by Experts! – Empower- K12 is well connected with
technology people working in following companies. Get mentoring & expert
guidance on your journey once you are connected with us!

What to start something of your own? We are friends with growing /emerging
10 Benefits of this Course

4. Webinars- we wont lose touch after the course, we’ll be actively connected
through LIVE monthly webinars. We could take up a concept in that webinar,
or an app idea, or even doubts which you are facing. Its an ongoing process of
learning and growing.
E-Library- All webinars will be recorded and will be available to students to
watch in future!
10 Benefits of this Course

5. Positive & Motivating Environment- Student will be a part of various

activities conducted during the course, which will focus on improving
communication skills and confidence. Students who perform great are given
the opportunity to help others and become a leader. Slow learners are often
criticized in a regular classroom, but in our technology classes, they are
motivated to learn from mistakes.
10 Benefits of this Course

6. Technology Aptitude- This course will also act as a stepping stone in the
world of technology. After this course, you’ll easily be able to learn not just
advanced app development, but other technologies like web development,
software development etc.
10 Benefits of this Course

7. Inspiration for an Alternate Career- Various avenues will open for the
student who successfully completes this course. You can be ahead in the job,
you can work as a free lance developer, you can implement new ideas and turn
them into reality, you can publish apps into Android market place, and
eventually even make money!
10 Benefits of this Course

8. Side Benefits-
Personality Development
Enhance Analytical skills
Proficiency in graphic designing
Updated with the world of technology
10 Benefits of this Course

9. Lifetime Membership- Want to attend the course once again? Just walk
in…no charges!
10 Benefits of this Course

10. Fun & Party- We’ll not only make games, but we PLAY games as well,
which will be a lot of fun.
Also, at the end of the course, there will be a PARTY!
10 Benefits of this Course

1. Certificate
2. Skill for a lifetime
3. Webinars
4. Get Mentored by Experts!
5. Positive & Motivating Environment
6. Technology Aptitude
7. Inspiration for an Alternate Career
8. Side Benefits
9. Lifetime Membership
10. Fun & Party
About the Founder

Vivek Mehrotra
• Btech.- Delhi Technological University
(formerly DCE- Delhi College of Engineering)
• Left Job Offers as:
-> Head, Student Relations at Anhad Edutrain Solns
-> Business Development Mgr at Infeedo
-> Trainee Data Scientist at MuSigma
• Microsoft Student Partner
• Taught Android Course and Photographic Memory Workshop
at various schools, including- Pathways School Noida,
DPSI Saket, Bharti Public School, DAV, St Andrews etc.
In case of Doubts/Questions, Please feel
free to contact
M: 7838352456
Thank you
Stay Terrific