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Impact of Staff Training on Customer Satisfaction

An overview of Westin Hotel & Resort, Sanya


Table of content

1. Acknowledgment
2. Introduction
3. Literature Review
4. Research Methodology
5. Data analysis
6. Data Presentation
7. Conclusion

 I would like to thank Mr. Sahil Bajracharya sir for this wonderful opportunity to
express some experience of my internship as well as some words related to my
thesis topic. I am so greatful to Mr. Nimesh Ulak sir for his support and response
on my thesis report This report not only help me explore myself but also help me
to build the confident level on me.
 It would also like to thank IST college and the whole team for their support and
also my friend, relatives who help me during my thesis report.

 Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Industry

1. It is a marketing terms that measures how products or services provided by hotel that
surpass customer’s expectation.
2. It is the only thing that matters most in the hotel industry.
3. It is the making of guest happy and fully satisfied during their stay in hotel.
4. It is important because it provides hoteliers and hotel owners with a metric that they can
use to manage and improve their business.
5. Anything that can make your targeted guest happy by the service or sell of goods is
customer satisfaction.
 Training in Hotel Industry
1. It can be define anything which help to increase your knowledge and skill.
2. It play vital role during a operation of any company.
3. It help to bring a confident level in staff in a company.
4. It help to increase the productivity of the company
Objectives of the study

 To understand the satisfaction level of Customer in Westin.

 To find out different training given to the staff to increase customer satisfaction.
Literature Review

 A literature review is an evaluative report of information found in the

literature related to selected area of the study.
 Staff Training play vital role to satisfied the customer.
 It help to make a guest happy during their stay on hotel.
 Those organizations which are not practicing the new training available in
the market cannot be able to provide the services expected by the
 Customer experience is a complex process of understanding the
customers’ conscious and subconscious perceptions of their relationship
with the organization from all their interactions.
 According to a recent study in Hospitality Training (2013), hoteliers faced
a big challenge: the need to meet customers' higher demands combined
with lack of sufficient budgetary resources to implement new staff

Training Cycle

Stage 1
Identification of Training Stage 2
needs Design of training solution

Stage 3
Delivery of training solution
Stage 5 Stage 4
Evaluation of training Application of training in
solution the court environment
Research Methodology

 It is a systematic and organized effort to investigate a specific problem that needs a

 Every research should be outlined in a systematic manner and for that reason
methodology is very important.
 The major content of research methodology are as follows:
1. Research Design
It is the set of methods and procedures used in data collecting, analyzing,
evaluating and identifying what exactly researcher wants to know. The data collected
for this study are both qualitative and quantitative.
2. Research Site
Westin Hotel and Resort Haitang Bay, Sanya (China) as the site to conduct
3. Universe and Sampling
Westin Hotel and Resort is considered as universe of the study and 50 hotel’s
guest and 10 staff were selected for the study.
4. Nature and Source of Data
Data collected are qualitative and quantitative in nature and source of data are:
 Primary Source
 Secondary Source

5. Data Collection Method

 It is process of preparing and collecting data.
 Enables one to answer relevant question and evaluates outcomes.
 Two methods are used for data collection:
i) Qualitative Method
Interview with the hotel managers with open-ended questions and close-ended
ii) Quantitative Method
In this method, relevant questions are formulated and distributed among the
respondents and
as per their comments, suggestion and recommendation certain decision are
Data Analysis

 Data analysis, also known as analysis of data or data analytics.

 It is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data with the goal of
discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions and supporting decision-making.
 The researcher have presented and analyzed data through graphical chart and have given
rational interpretations to customer satisfaction in Westin Hotel and Resort.
 The researcher have presented the data in tabular form and used Pie chart to represent the
tabulated data to analyze the collected information and interpret the subject opinion
towards it.
 The aim of the research was to explore the staff training being used, analyze the level of
customer satisfaction and effectiveness of technology provided by hotel. So, all the analysis
were based on objective.
Figure: 4.1 Respondent Age Group
Age group

10% 15%

25% 26-34

Source: Field Survey,2018

The figure shows the age group of staff work in Westin Hotel. Among them 15% staff are the age between 18-25, 50% staff are
the age
between 26-34, 25% staff are the age between 35-54 and 10% staff are age between 55-64. High number staff who work in
hotel is
the age between 26-34.
Table 4.3: Respondents of Marital Status

Single Married Divorced Widowed




Source: Field Survey, 2018

Among this chart 40% of the people are single, 50% are people are married, 5% people are divorced and 5% people are widowed.
This chart shows that number married people are more the other status guest in the hotel.
As a result, main people come to visit a hotel with a couple due to the CDF mall nearby the hotel where they can buy duty free luxury go
1.How will you rate the staff training of Westin Hotel?
Table: 4.3.1 Satisfaction Analysis
(Field survey 2018)

Please rate the staff training below according to an Number Rating

importance scale from 1 to 10
HACCP 20 8.81

Communication Training 20 8.22

Personal hygiene 20 7.64

Safety Training 20 7.43

Quality Training 20 7.23

Skill Training 20 6.90

Team Training 20 6.51

First Aid 20 5.54

Language Training 20 5.51

Table: 4.4.1 Satisfaction with Staff Training and their impact on guest experience.
(Field survey 2018)
Satisfaction with Staff Training and their impact on guest experience

Number %

Are you satisfied with the Staff behaviour that you found in your hotel stay? Yes 17 85%

No 3 15%

Yes, but I would like to suggest some of them to learn speak English for to have 3 15%
a better/different experience.

Yes, but I would like to add new technologies to have a better/different 6 30%

Yes, the available source were enough to provide me with a good 9 45%
experience. I would not change or add anything
Do you think that the service standard in your last hotel stay had a positive
impact on your experience?

No, I need new and more Uniqueness service; the available ones did not have 1 5%
a positive impact on my experience

Not at all, the available service standard had a negative impact on my 1 5%

experience, they were very outdated. I need new standard service.
 Continuous…..
In general, almost all respondents (85%) were satisfied with the staff behavior that they
found in their last hotel stay in Westin Hotel. Although 90% of respondents reported that
staff had a positive impact on their experience, 45% stated that they would like to have
more standard service or change some of them for new ones to have a better/different
experience. On the other hand, 45% of the sample considered enough the available staff
service to have a good experience, they would not change or add anything. Finally, 5% of
respondents stated that the available service did not have a positive impact on their
experience; they reported the need for new and more advanced technic for satisfy the
customer also 5% of respondents reported that the available service standard had a negative
impact on their experience because they were old and not updated. This part of the sample
also needed various different training to improve their experience.
How beneficial is staff training in the present context of Westin
Table: 4.6.1 Measuring the benefit of Staff training
(Field Survey 2018)
S. N Measurement Level No. of respondent % of respondent

1. Very much 12 60%

2. Average 5 25%

3. Somehow 3 15%

Total 20 100%
Why did you choose this hotel?

Website reviews 10% 0% Location
10% 30%


Figure: 4.2.1 Reason fornchoosing the hotel Price/Quality
15% 20%

 In regards to stay in Westin hotel, the hotel choice can be explained by several factors. The
majority of respondents stated that the location is one of the reasons (30%); 20% referred the
price/quality ratio, and 15% referred the recommendation also 15% referred technological
amenities where websites reviewers (10%) and 10% referred other sources.
 As a result, researcher found that the main reason for choosing the hotel for their stay is due to
suitable location as the hotel is located beside world’s second largest duty-free mall i.e. CDF mall.

No. of Respondent

leisure business/work
leisure&business others

Figure: 4.2 Purpose of travelling

 When examining the purpose of the last stay, out of total respondent a vast majority of
respondents (8) were leisure guests, while just 7 were traveling on business or work. A
small portion of the sample (3) were traveling for more than one reason, stating that the
purpose of their last trip was business but also leisure and 2 were traveling for other
purpose. From the above graph, it is analyzed that most of the guest travel for leisure.
Figure: Who did you travel with ?



% of respondents






alone with friend as a couple with family with co-workers
Traveling Partner

Figure: 4.2 Travelers accompanying partner.

Out of total, 45% of the travelers said they traveled as a couple, 15% went with family and 10% with friends.
The remaining part of the sample was traveling alone (25%) and only 5% traveled with coworkers. It means
most of the guest travel as a couple and least of them travel with their co-workers for work purpose.

 This research studied about the impact of staff training on customer

satisfaction provided by Westin Hotel.
 It was found that the staff training not only help to improve the level
of service to the customer but also it help to make customer happy.
 It was found that some of the training is so effective during a working
time to the staff to handle the guest if there is some problem during the
guest stay.
 It can be concluded that the Westin hotel was really focusing on
maintaining high level of Customer Satisfaction and its importance to
the hotels business ultimately beside some the problem which hotel
must took seriously and handle in an effective way.
Thank you so much for your valuable time

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