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The future of the world begins



It isstrange howmanypeopleareleftwith long faceswhentheworld doesn’tend. Itappears manypeoplejustwanttowatchtheworld burn. Theyjustwanttosay, “See. I toldyouso.”

So hurry. Strengthenyourself. Thereis muchplanning and work todo. Donotgetcaughtunprepared.

Haveyou heard?
Thefutureof theworld beginstomorrow.
Museum of Tomorrow: With Recyclable Materials

 “The building will have a low environmental impact, energy self-sufficient and will be made of
recyclable materials.”
 The goal is to create a structure that can serve as examples to a philosophy of life more sustainable,
which can make visitors aware that on more environmentally friendly behavior. “The Museum of
tomorrow will try to explain something that should concern everyone to know the world revolves
around us and see why it is so important to keep it.”
Tourismand Environmental Protection fora BetterTomorrow!

 Environmental protection and the

preservation of natural sights are of vital
importance for the contemporary
society. In order to achieve such a goal, it
is crucial to raise awareness and effect
changes in technology in every section of
society, especially in business and all its

 Since we are aware that environmental

protection is a constant struggle, and
there is continuous room for
improvement, we shall not abandon our
efforts of raising environmental
awareness in our surroundings and in
the society.
Independence through education
 Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the
people who prepare for it today.
Computers and Technology

Today’s computers are controlled through the use of input devices

such as keyboard, mice, and touch screens. Future computer
interfaces may make use of speech recognition technologies and
voice commands. Currently emerging is what’s known as an
“object oriented” operating system. Rather than working with
individual applications and commands, users will work with
objects such as documents. These objects will contain sub-objects
that control functions such as printing or emailing documents.
Under this model, data isn’t reliant upon a program’s features but
rather upon the features available under the operating system
Shrinking computers, memory that remains available despite
power losses, holographic storage, invisible data, and new
interfaces are but a taste of technology’s future. Computer scientists
and developers are imagining, testing, and developing new
technologies, making the future for computer exciting and
The future public transport

 The companies envision the future as transport without emitting those dreadful fumes and carbon
into our atmosphere. Working on a large-scale project to come up with the public transport of
tomorrow, its have developed something it calls the “AutoTram”. Presently under research, the vehicle
is designed to be as a tram and as flexible as a bus.
 Powered by lithium-ion battery systems, the AutoTram does not require rails or overhead wires.
Instead, it rolls on rubber tires and simply follows white lines on the street. Equipped with highly
efficient electric drive motors and control units as well as high-performance batteries and super-
capacitors, this green vehicle is capable of transport passengers with nearly zero emissions.
The Robot – my friend of tomorrow
 Using a combination of sensors and high-speed cameras, the system can determine the location of a
user's hand and the gesture they are making, translating that directly into robotic motion.
 "The biggest merit of this is being able to control objects without having to hold anything. When in
the field or when working where your hands have to be high up, you can't use a mouse, and so we hope
to use it in those sorts of contexts."
My future

 What you do today could affect what happened yesterday – that is the bizarre conclusion of a thought
experiment in quantum physics described in one article.
 It sounds impossible, indeed as though it is violating one of science's most cherished principles –
causality – but the researchers say that the rules of the quantum world conspire to preserve causality
by "hiding" the influence of future choices until those choices have actually been made.
My understanding of future
 The future is ours to create and while none of us can do everything, all of us can do something. So do what
you can, where you are with what you have, so that together, we can define a future that makes us healthy.
 With the advent of future developments in science and technology, we will assign more and more decision
making to machines. At present this is evident in military systems in which electronic sensors maintain
the ideal flight characteristics in advanced aircraft. The capacities of computers today exceed five hundred
trillion bits of information per second. The complexity of today's civilization is far too complex for human
systems to manage without the assistance of electronic computers. Computers of today are relatively
primitive compared to those that will evolve in the future. Eventually the management of social systems
will call for require electronic sensors interconnected with all phases of the social sequences thus
eliminating the need for politics.
 Today modern industrial plants have built in automatic inventory systems, which order materials such as
bearings and other mechanical replacements well in advance.
 We believe it is now possible to achieve a society where people would be able to live longer, healthier, and
more meaningful productive lives. In such a society, the measure of success would be based upon the
fulfillment of one's individual pursuits rather than the acquisition of wealth, property, and power.
Although many of the concepts presented here may appear as unattainable goals, all of the ideas are based
upon known scientific principles. It is not my purpose to write an article that would be acceptable to
people this is not the concern of science.
 The social direction being proposed here has no parallel in history with any other previous political
ideology or economic strategy. Establishing the parameters of this new civilization will require
transcending many of the traditions, values, and methods of the past. The future will evolve its own new
paradigms, appropriate to each successive phase of human and technological development.
Creative Challenge: The Future

 My dream…my future….my life