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Inspired Teacher

Collaborative Group Project


Shumaila Massey
Marina Kraskovic
Cynthia Moreno
An ethical teacher is the one who:

•Have a huge influence on her students’

lives and this goes deeper than the
lessons she teaches. In the middle of all
the responsibilities she is required to serve
as a strong role model.
• Teach effectively through an effective
•Have disciplinary competence.
•Demonstrate ethical behavior as they
interact with students, colleagues, parents
and others.
We learned a lot more about a professional and
ethical educator during the last three weeks

“AAE Code of Ethics for Educators” is designed for the

teachers to understand and follow certain principles, when
they become teachers
•Principle I: Ethical conduct towards students
•Principle II: Ethical conduct towards practice and performance
•Principle III: Ethical conduct towards professional colleagues
•Principle IV: Ethical conduct towards parents and community
All these principles cover the areas that needs teacher’s attention. Purpose of
these principles is to guide teachers in their everyday conduct and assist them to
solve ethical dilemmas under the set law.
TPE 2: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environment for Student Learning

All the six elements of TPE 2 clearly explains that how can a teacher be
successful in creating learning and effective environment for kids. Main focus for
a teacher in TPE 2 is :

● Establish and maintain learning environment that is physically, mentally,

intellectually, and emotionally healthy and safe to enable all the student to
● Promote students’ social-emotional growth, development and individual
responsibility using positive intervention and support to foster a caring
community where each student is treated fairly and respectfully.

We can connect TPE 2 to Principle I of code of conduct. We believe that

following Principle 1 is the only possible way to create an effective learning
environment which is safe and healthy for a student
A dedicated teacher is the one who:

● Is fair to all of her or his students. Playing favorites and not treating everyone
equal is not professional and honest.
● Has high expectations from their students, because it is important to them
that students never settle for anything less than the best of their capabilities.
● Has an excellent communication, not only in presenting the subject, but also
being a good listener. Teachers need to make sure that a classroom is a
comfortable, friendly and non-threatening space where students can feel
confident in asking questions.
● Is always curious about her students and about her intellectual learning.
Based on “Teacher Voices” videos and beautiful
things they said, we can see how teachers can
be really dedicated and inspiring in students
They all talked how being a good and dedicated
teacher can touch students lives which bring
good not only to students but teachers as well.

Dr. Bill McGrath said:

“And it does not matter if you are loud, soft, tall,
or big. Size has no relevance. It’s the individual
and what you contain in your heart, in your soul,
and in your brain, to get across to these young
As a future teachers, we often ask ourselves, what kind of teachers am I going to be
one day? The truth is, we always look back to those teachers we love the most and
who left positive influence on us.
Some of these characteristics are:

● Kindness and friendliness

● How interested they are in presenting the subject to students, their knowledge
of and their passion for the subject
● Their stories which are connected to the subject, but can be mind opening and
inspiring to students
● The ability to develop strong relationship with students, that way making sure
that students trust them and feel confident in their classroom
● Building supportive and collaborative environment
● Having a good sense of humor, because that always help getting to know each
other better, but also feel more comfortable with that subject and that teacher
The Harsh Reality Of Teaching...
● It is rare that people go into teaching in hopes they will be making a lot of
money in the profession.
● According to Dr. Nanci Hanover in the Teachers Voices videos for week 3,
people who go into teaching do so in hopes of transforming or simply making
an impact in students’ lives.
● That does not mean teaching is easy, it is actually a very difficult profession
as it requires a great deal of patience, organizational skills, and compassion.
● Realizing that there are many children facing different circumstances, diverse
backgrounds, and having to accommodate each one individually to achieve
growth as individuals and learning.
Making A Difference Is A Reward In Itself
● Who inspired you to become a teacher? Why did that
teacher, coach, or person have such an impact on you?
● I’ve been blessed to have multiple people who have
impacted my desire to become a teacher. Both teachers
and a coach.
● My high school math teacher always related subject
material to real world situations and encouraged
● My second grade teacher was compassionate and
attentive. Encouraged mistakes and believed in our
abilities to overcome difficult times.
● My soccer coach taught me to be responsible, never give
up, and most importantly to do what I love.
● Seeing children attain success in what you teach is
amazing, especially when you are thanked for it.

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