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 The researchers would like to introduce the topic
being agreed on which is all about the availability of
equipment and facilities “first to be discuss is about
the availability of the laboratory to the students taking
up the course bread and pastry production as we have
all know that we are not the only class or as we say
students who are using the laboratory for our own
personal use, there are other courses that needs the
laboratory for their lecture.
Statement of the Problem
This study seeks to discover the effectiveness of using
appropriate tools and equipment in performance of Bread
and Pastry Production.
Specifically this study aims to answer the following
1. What is the demographic profile in terms of age, type of
school attended, economic background of the student?
2. What are the levels of proficiency of using tools and
equipment in the school of the students?
3. Is there a significant differences on the educational
development of using appropriate tools and equipment
in performing laboratory?
Research Design
Basically, this study employed descriptive qualitative
research design. Certain questions were designed to
draw out response on specific information regarding the
performance of the respondents of using appropriate
tools and equipment in bread and pastry production.
Significance of the study
The result of this study may be beneficial to
the following:
Teachers. They will be able to identify
strategies to be employed to improve or
enhance their student’s level of performance
in Bread and Pastry Production.
Students. Knowing their levels of proficiency
would help them exert more effort in their
performance and output for self
Scope and Delimination
This study will focus on the effectiveness of using
appropriate tools and equipment in performance of
Bread and Pastry Production of the TVL-HE students.
The focus of this paper will be on the following:
 The specific manipulation where the level of skills of
the respondent
 Their behavior towards working area
 The relationship of manipulating tools and equipment
and the attitudes towards working area
Research Design and Methodology
The participants of this study are the Grade 11 TVL-HE
students of the Enrile Vocational High School and Camalaniugan
National High School.
We have chosen Grade 11 TVL-HE students to be our
respondents because of lack of knowledge of determining tools
and equipment together with their appropriate uses in terms of
actual laboratory, wherein the students are expected to be skilled
in preparation for them to pass the National Certificate in Bread
and Pastry Production. That is why this study will try to identify
the respondent’s level of manipulative skills.
Sampling Technique
Stratified sampling technique will be used in
selecting the respondents of this study. Fifty percent
(50%) of the total population of respondents will be
chosen randomly.

The study used survey questionnaire to asses both the
skills and attitude of the respondents.
Statistical Tools
The study will use Weighted Mean formula to
compute for the results that will answer the questions on
problem number 1 and 2. Moreover, Rating scale will also
be used to identify the adjectival and numerical rating in
levels of skills as well as attitude towards performance of
the respondents.
On the other hand, the skills and attitude towards
performance of the respondents, which is the problem
number 3 will be identified using Pearson-Product
Coefficient Correlation.
Data Analysis
The researchers conduct a questionnaire to the TVL-HE
students particularly Grade 11 of EVHS and CNHS.

Inquires from friends, co-teachers, students were also be

considered in the possible search for respondents.

Once the researchers have identified the familiarization

of using appropriate tools and equipment of the
respondents, they will do an hands on activity.
Data Gathering Procedure
The adapted questionnaire for Appropriate use of
tools and equipment will undergo validation and pilot
testing before the final conduct of the study to ensure its
validity. On the other hand, the standardized test will
no longer undergo validation and pilot testing since it is
proven effective.
After the pilot testing of attitude questionnaire,
familiarization and proper usage of tools and equipment
, and attitude questionnaire will be distributed to the
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